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In The Moment by Artt Frank

It bears repeating that Artt Frank is a purist, a bop drummer. His accents combine subtle shadings, direct response to the soloist's message and a certain dignity within the ensemble. He does not overplay nor does he shy away from emphatic stimuli that enhances and motivates the underlying theme laid down by the player.

From far and wide Artt has assembled a talented cast of master musicians and a vocalist or three for this memorable recording at the Blue Parrott Studios in Monroe, Conn.

The sound of bebop has been captured beautifully. The club scene ambiance and sound has been re-created brilliantly by the use of an upright piano, surrounded by the musicians., no booths for this group and first takes were the order of the day.

"That's Matt" an original by Artt Frank has a superb melody and is bopsville from the jump. Frank opens it up with a drum intro Ken Barry's Tenor and Graham Bruce's Floogie put it in overdrive Danko's piano soliloquy is both melodic and forceful. This is a magnificent composition.

"Waitin' for Clayton" lopes along in full gait. Nice solos by all in this Prez like tune. Clever, inventive bass turn and some hip fours highlight this piece with clever ideation.

"Samba In The Air" features some laid back scatting by the virtuoso of vocalese, Giacomo Gates.

Phil Urso, Graham Bruce and Artt Frank combined to pen a nice tribute to Dave Liebway. Again, Frank boots the boys home and shows no mercy on the 4 bar exchanges.

Earla Porch's dusky rendition of Tadd Dameron's "If You Could See Me Now" is interpreted divinely by Porch. The line 'Perhaps you would realize, I'm still in love with you' is sung so sweetly that it gives one pause to reflect upon this classic tune, it's brilliant composer and most of all Porch's tender attention to the lyric and respect for the mastery of Tadley Ewing Dameron.

"That Artt, He's All Heart" closes out this delightful trip to bopsville with a driving Trumpet solo and Matt Criscuolo's alto gem and as always Artt Frank's driving force, (tough but oh so gentle), to coin an old phrase apropos to Artt Frank.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Artt Frank
  • CD Title: In The Moment
  • Genre: BeBop / Hard Bop
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: MJA Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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