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Inside Pictures by Rosengren Noren Danielsson Sjosten

Lars Gullin was a pivotal figure in the development of Swedish Jazz. Certainly one of the leading baritone sax players in the world. His playing was both mature and multi layered. His phrasing was impeccable. Not only was he an influential player but also a prolific writer. Inside Pictures pays tribute to the man and his music.

One of his most loved compositions was Fedja, a piece influenced by the West Coast sound. It’s a difficult piece to maneuver. Bernt Rosengren and the rest of the quartet handle it with grace and ease. Swinging throughout, legendary bassist Palle Danielsson offers a solid anchor for Lars Sjosten’s fluid piano. There are some tricky changes throughout this under three minute gem.

Colored Pastel opens with Sjosten’s piano before the rest of the quartet join in for a lovely ballad reading. Rosengren’s smooth approach to the sax and Noren’s delicate brush work give this work the balance it needs.

A swinging number from start to finish Blue Mail is a joyous outing. This snappy arrangement features Danielsson’s round sounding bass as well as solid drumming from Noren. A great example of Gullin’s writing talent.

One of the most requested and best loved compositions of Gullin’s is Danny’s Dream. A lovely ballad in any songbook. Nicely structured and beautiful playing from Rosengren.

Chet Baker had a deep admiration for Gullin’s musical abilities. Igloo is the type of composition I’m sure Baker would have loved to play. It’s an up tempo number that swings from start to finish. The quartet elevates the piece in such a way that I’m sure Gullin is looking down with a smile.

Listening to these nineteen gems, one begins to realize not only how great a writer and arranger Gullin was but also how well his compositions have held up over time. His work deserves wider recognition. This release serves as a fitting tribute to Lars Gulling the man and his music.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rosengren Noren Danielsson Sjosten
  • CD Title: Inside Pictures
  • Genre: BeBop / Hard Bop
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Mirrors
  • Tracks: Without A Chance, Inside Pictures, Merlin, Fedja, Baritonome, Colored Pastel, Blue Mail, Taka Voka Oka Boka, The Aching Heart Of An Oak, Igloo, Silhouette, I Min Smala Sang, Soho, The Yellow Leaves’ Love To The Earth, Hornblower’s Horn, Primula Veris [Gullviva], Gabriella, Danny’s Dream, Peter Of April
  • Musicians: Bernt Rosengren (Tenor Sax), Frederik Noren (Drums), Palle Danielsson (Bass), Lars Sjosten (Piano),
  • Rating: Five Stars
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