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Kansas City Outbound by Roberto Magris Trio

Roberto Magris an Italian pianist of considerable talent has released a special album, Kansas City Outbound. On this recording he has captured the beautiful spirit of bassist Art Davis (December 5, 1934 - July 29, 2007) in two trio settings. The album recorded on July 2nd and 3rd of 2007 is the final recording featuring the master bassist. The trios are anchored by drummer Jimmy Junebug Jackson, serving time joyously on four tracks and Zack Albetta swinging through six tracks. This album swings. It starts out dark and deep with a hard bop sensibility, progresses through the blues, adds a touch of melancholy and fires off some avant-garde distraction before boiling over with a hot handed closer, that finds Magris burning up the keys.

The music of Roberto Magris, there are four original compositions on Kansas City Outbound, the title track, "Iraqi Blues", "KC Inbound" and "Rainbow Eyes" all lend themselves to a feel that is reminiscent of a McCoy Tyner style. There is that percussive edginess, making great use of space and adding bright colours to accentuate his music.

The trio’s cover the standards with a fine and delicate touch, "I Fall In Love Too Easily", "A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing", "Lonely Woman", "Darn That Dream" and "Alone Together" all carry a melancholy feel that gives rise to hope, love and beauty. "Alone Together" breaks out fast to swing madly. One of the best versions of "Darn That Dream", with a bass intro that actually describes the dream.

On the Andrew Hill composition "Reverend Du Bop" Magris opens with a beautiful sermon, note by note he builds the dynamic to introduce the band with a couple of well placed chords. Dr. Davis plays a free style pizzicato that transitions to col-arco and Zack Albetta mixes it up with a combination of syncopated brush and stick strokes.

The album closes fittingly with "Bye Bye Baby". Magris introduces the song with rapid keyboard work. The drummer, Zack Albetta, joins in and between the two of them they proceed to tear it up. An old style cutting contest, alla Art Tatum and Buddy Rich.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Roberto Magris Trio
  • CD Title: Kansas City Outbound
  • Genre: BeBop / Hard Bop
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Soul Note
  • Tracks: Kansas City Outbound,I Fall In Love Too Easily, Iraqi Blues,A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing, KC Inbound, Reverend Du Bop, Rainbow Eyes,Bemsha Swing, Lonely Woman, Darn That Dream, Alone Together, Bye Bye Baby
  • Musicians: Roberto Magris (piano), Art Davis (bass), Jimmy “Junebug” Jackson (drums), Zack Albetta (drums)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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