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Migration by Pascal Le Boeuf

Pascal Le Boeuf is a young pianist/composer with a promising future. Migration showcases the fine talents of not only Le Boeuf but the rest of his talented band. At the time of this recording, Le Boeuf and his brother Remy were about to embark on their twenties. Both brothers play with a maturity of musicians twice their age. All compositions were written and arranged by Pascal except "King Of Deuces," which was written by Remy.

"Mad Marcus" features the band in fine form. Carroll and Le Boeuf (Remy), lead the way with some inspired unison playing. Le Boeuf continues with a driving tenor that propels the group to explore new directions.

With a funky swinging groove, "Hip Replacement" is a joyous occasion full of surprises and seasoned playing. Taking the melody to new heights, the band plays as one with cohesiveness and determination. Le Boeuf's Fender Rhodes fits in nicely with the groove. Comping beautifully, Le Boeuf is able to introduce carefully crafted shades and textures.

"King Of Deuces" is a great arrangement. There is much fire and exuberance. Le Boeuf's crafty tenor swings throughout. Thiroux's bass work is featured as well. Offering a needed interlude, Thiroux's delicate approach makes for a suitable intro to Le Boeuf's piano. Le Boeuf takes a few bars before the band returns to the melody for the finale.

An intricate ballad, "Oboes And Acrobats" is an example of Le Boeuf's creativity as a composer. Tricky tempo changes give this number character. The band is true to form, and Le Boeuf's always dependable piano, shines.

Perkin's bass intro on "Waiting For Rain," sets the stage for a delightful go around from Le Boeuf's sax. Brother Pascal's understated piano works well in the moment. A tightly knit group determined to make this a special affair.

A mid-tempo number, "Park's Place" is dedicated to pianist Aaron Parks. His influence on Le Boeuf is evident throughout. With a passion to swing, Le Boeuf takes the melody on an intriguing ride. Using the piano to full advantage, Le Boeuf is able to showcase his developing skills.

Performing like a seasoned veteran, Le Boeuf is always up for the challenge. Migration has it all. Great tunes, plus excellent contributions from everyone involved make this outing a special and highly listenable treat.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Pascal Le Boeuf
  • CD Title: Migration
  • Genre: BeBop / Hard Bop
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: LB Jazz
  • Rating: Four Stars
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