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The Concert McDuff by Jack McDuff

Jack McDuff’s importance to the sub-genres of jazz is beyond what anyone had previously given him credit for, in truth he is an important link to the blending of jazz, soul, rhythm & blues and funk, which actually was a progenitor of fusion. He laid the groundwork for groups like Parliament and band’s with similar ambitions.

"The Concert McDuff"captured a spirited lineup in their essential element in Newark, New Jersey at the Front Room. Arguably, the best band that McDuff put together, the roster included a young George Benson (guitar), Joe Dukes (drums), Red Holloway (saxophone) and Pat Martino (guitar on "Spoonin’").

The tracks originally recorded back in 1963-64; now reap the benefits of a bright remastering transfer that has become synonymous with the Fantasy Jazz label and its subsidiaries. The true essence of what McDuff was trying to accomplish in a live setting comes through clear as a blue summer sky on this jazz-funk-bop revival.

The Hammond organ with its cross over appeal and great sound helped McDuff to become a renowned player in a short period. This CD is one of many that serve as an example of his dexterity behind the keyboards.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jack McDuff
  • CD Title: The Concert McDuff
  • Genre: BeBop / Hard Bop
  • Year Released: 1963
  • Record Label: Prestige
  • Musicians: George Benson(Guitar), Red Holloway (Tenor Sax), Pat Martino(Guitar), Joe Dukes(Drums), Jack McDuff(Organ).
  • Rating: Five Stars
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