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Chrysalis by Bruno Raberg

Bruno Raberg was born in Sweden and currently resides in the Boston area. Having previously released four recordings, Chrysalis represents a diverse selection of originals using different tempos, arrangements and textures.

Utilizing linear melodic movements, Snowaltz is a swinging and gentle piece of music. Goodrick's tempting guitar work blends in nicely with the ensemble as the piece begins to take shape. The horns and reed section are featured throughout. Displaying a richness of tone and execution, Mccaslin's tasty solo shows how developed he is as an artist. Goodrick is featured again this time stretching out into a well thought out series of ideas. Raberg's melodic solo acts as the thread holding the piece together as the rest of the ensemble works to create a pillow of sound offering support and structure.

A pensive piece, Silhouettes features Bostrom's mournful flute and Raberg's gentle bowing. The aural gentleness flows in and out as if there were silhouettes dancing across a tapestry of ones imagination.

Sculpture IV is a perfect vehicle for Raberg. Showcasing his dexterous finger work. This time, Raberg is the bedrock, so to speak, for the rest of the band to create. There is much for the ear to experience. From playful horns, searing trumpets as well as Pellitteri's ever present drumming. Free improvisation never sounded better.

Take a ride on the Yellow Bus. With an infectious rhythm (a Brazilian Baiao) and shuffle like quality, Bostrom's child like explorations get things off to a great start. One cannot help but get up and dance after listening to it for a while. You want fun? This is it.

Raberg's abilities as composer, bassist, arranger and leader continue to take shape on what may be his best recording to date. Chrysalis represents a strong collection of originals that should prove rewarding for many listeners.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Bruno Raberg
  • CD Title: Chrysalis
  • Genre: Big Band / Swing
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Orbis Music
  • Musicians: Bruno Raberg, acoustic bass. Various guest artists.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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