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Blues Mongrel by Carlos del Junco

When you listen to the many different types of jazz, do you ever wonder how jazz came to be? Where were its roots? How did it evolve? It mainly started with the progression of the blues. When blues first came out, it was something special, the "inspiration of the soul".

With Carlos Del Junco'snew CD, entitled Blues Mongrel, this man tries to engulf that "inspirationof the soul". When I got this CD, I was expecting a typical harmonica player with a blues band to "back him up". Even further, as I heard the first couple of songs, it was awful! Being a musician and composer, I have to listen to songs many times to see what a musician is trying express or play. Then it came to me, Del Junco was trying to conjure a totally different aspect of playing the blues. Even as that "first time" jazz listener, try to listen to these artists, as they create a journey for you.

The CD does have its drawback though. In the first cut, Blues with a feeling, the bands sounds like it is totally out of key, trying to make different rhythmic patterns, while Carlos is trying to make a lyrical sound. By the middle of the song, it somewhat "staggers" into a tune. The whole CD, goes from sounding like "straight ahead" blues to a weird hillbilly Brazilian beat.

Track 12 Don't Worry your Pretty Littlehead, is the best tune, a wonderful ballad. You can hear the harmony being created by Del Junco and his band. With so many different styles of this artist's trying to render the blues, give it a listen on what he is trying to create in his music. But again, each tune has a tendency of "pushing" the envelope a little too much, making it hard on the ears to define that a song is being played. This is definitely called eclectic blues. I give the playing of Del Junco a 3 out of 5, his band gets a 2 out of 5. Remember, in listening to jazz, branch out, be daring and listen to different styles of music, like the blues.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carlos del Junco
  • CD Title: Blues Mongrel
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Northernblues
  • Musicians: Carlos del Junco(harmonica), Kevin Breit (guitars, mandolin), Henry Heillig (basses), Jorn Juul Anderson (drums).
  • Rating: Three Stars
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