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Blues Walkin Like a Man by Rory Block

Blues has an extraordinary musical emotion, with an inner texture dipped into a sixth sense that opens a weathered journey for whoever chooses its dramatic passage. Every time I spin a fine grit of blues, life becomes focused. Such was the case with Rory Block and her new tribute project to Son House, Blues Walkin’ like a Man. Released by Stony Plain Records in 2008, this blues storyline has escorted the audience in the direction of their own crossroads. This is the "glue" to the days when blues was the story of every man’s road. Block has set the flow for an Americana time capsule in musicianship!

Delta bluesman Son House never really received the accolades he so richly earned, but this preacher man-blues icon has influenced a globe in the art form known as blues. Block took this iconic existence to become her mission, unearthing the greatness of the man who influenced her world. Blues Walkin’ like a Man injects a deceptively strong tribute spin in the form of Son House’s signature style at the same time. Block is very much in control of her own precise formula.

Block's sense of commitment inspires with the performance of "Preachin’ Blues" as the old school of hard blues is exercised. The pick configurations are solid and methodical. Strategically injected solos truly ignite the fever blues can only trigger. The acoustical romance of blues comes to a righteous pulse with "Government Fleet Blues." In this experience, Block vocalizes the story with the signature pain desirable to properly break through the meaning within the blues dimension. Many times, blues is imparted through song with a hollow emotion. However, Block brings that traditional style to life, executing the tale of a weathered and traveled soul. Classic feel with structure!

Block appeals to the inner sense that the blues instills into an audience. A pure grit of life pours from her strings as she massages each fret of her musical drive. In this case, she applauds the life of Son House and with her smooth tones and hard core vocals. Block came to the crossroads with this project and took it into the right direction.

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rory Block
  • CD Title: Blues Walkin Like a Man
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Stony Plain Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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