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Lover Undercover by Ben Carroll

Ben Carroll’s debut album Lover Undercover displays warmth, passion, deep toned clarity and melodically strewn blues-pop vocals. His acoustic broths have equivalent measurements of harmonizing folk-jazz guitar strums and wavy vocal movements in a roost of soulful esthetics.

Carroll’s songs are pleasingly arranged, serenely fluted, emotionally inspiring and move with the finesse of the smooth blues-soul voicing of Lily Allen and Ben Harper. His tender vocal stride is loosely sketched along lightly tethering guitar chords. The warmth in his vocals ascend and whip around the melodic verses while caressing the elegantly rung pizzicatos and rippling arpeggios.

The album was written, performed and produced by Carroll while multi-instrumentalist, Gabriel Judet-Weinshel engineered the project at Weinshel’s home studio in Brooklyn, New York. Carroll displays a relaxed presence on the album as his vocals balance along the tranquil guitar chords.

The consonance in his vocal melodies on tunes like "Mother’s Maiden Name" and "Acting Like Boys" is ensconced with the smooth sails of the bluesy-folk phrasings. His vocal enhancements on tracks like "Three In One" and "Fire & Ice" are sensually grooved while beaded by a series of flaccid chord movements.

Carroll’s well rounded vocals interface blues, jazz, pop, folk, and soul flints providing his songs with a versatile spectrum of hues. The jazz stylizing of Carroll’s vocals on "This Love Inside Me" is swathe in a lacey folk melody. The restful mood of "If I Wasn’t Sleeping" is inlayed by lounging blues vocals which gives the number a cozy serenity. Carroll offers two poetically versed serenades, the Latin accented "Dola Rosa" and the bluesy pop aria "Lover Undercover." The breezy flow of his songs is coruscating with acoustic rays and eloquent convergences into a blissful melodic pulp. There is a youthful vibrancy in his songs like the sumptuous "Luv U So" and the euphoric "Angel’s Arms" that take the listener away into its inner sanctum of peaceful coves.

Softly fluttering with whispering notes and tender vocal scores, Ben Carroll’s debut effort is a compelling mix of blues, pop, jazz, soul, and folk complements. His on stage collaborations with his father Jon Carroll, a former member of the Grammy award winning group Starland Vocal Group, are always a special treat.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ben Carroll
  • CD Title: Lover Undercover
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Luckytone Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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