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Overqualified For The Blues by Brian Blain

Who says Canadians can’t sing the blues? Brian Blain, born in rural Quebec and active in the music scene for forty years, possesses a "northern" style that gives him a cool edge that just can’t be found in any other artist.

His easy blend of folk and blues is a running commentary on life as he sees it. He combines his sardonic wit with his soulful guitar skills and crafts it into a unique musical perspective. But, is it jazz? The way he makes himself comfortable in various musical moods, from his socially conscious "Peace" (with the help of Harry Manx on slide guitar) to his whimsical take on Betty James and Edward Johnson’s "I’m a Little Mixed Up," definitely qualifies him as a musician who can wear many hats and this is surely a refreshing change of pace in today’s prepackaged music scene.

Want to know how folk blues is played in Toronto? "Colorblind" Brian Blain, will show you how it’s done. Overqualified for the blues? Maybe so, but this man’s music is real. It is unpretentious and understated, yet intelligent and gently intricate, reflecting the very fabric of life and the very essence of the blues, folk, country and yes, even jazz.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Brian Blain
  • CD Title: Overqualified For The Blues
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: NorthernBlues Music
  • Tracks: Saab Story; Blues Is Hurting; No More Meetings; Overqualified For The Blues; Enfant Choisi; Terrace Inn; Hi-Tech Blues; Im A Little Mixed Up; Sailing; Sailing; One Way Ticket; Peace; One More Weasel; The Big Fire.'
  • Musicians: Brian Blain (vocal, guitar); Collective personnel: Jim Galloway (reeds); Victor Bateman (bass); Gary Kendall (bass); Mike Fitzpatrick (drums); Michelle Josef (drums); Richard Bell (piano, organ); Rod Phillips (organ); Michael Fonfara (piano); Michael Jerome Browne (fiddle, mandolin); Marc Roy (mandolin); Harry Manx (slide guitar); Paul Reddick (harmonica); Butch Coulter (harmonica). Background vocals: Daisy DeBolt, Lily Sazz, Sue Lothrop, Rebecca Campbell, Garth Logan, Emily Braden
  • Rating: Two Stars
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