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Red, White and Blues by Robin O' Herin

Robin O’ Herin is a homegrown down-to-earth talent. Home is the Berkshire’s in a little town called Lee, located in western Massachusetts.

O’ Herin does the blues justice by covering many of the styles the genus has gained popularity with over the last 50-70 years (give or take a few), on her latest release Red, White and Blues. The main style that reaches back to the roots of the blues is the old country style. Everything you hear today originated from those humble beginnings.

The artist sings in sequence with her strumming and picking blues guitar style beautifully. The tones and hues of the music arrive at your ears gift wrapped with love complimented by her strong and colorful vocals. The timing of the music always follows in perfect accord to her voice, thus the sounds become one force, like a river flowing out into the ocean. Does this sound a bit too poignant and reflective for the blues? Not really, it painted that kind of emotional landscape in my mind’s eye. She sings and plays with such passion and honesty; it comes through loud and clear in every song. I am firmly convinced that whatever style of music this woman decided to play, her love for her craft would be evident. The only shortcoming I could find on this album was the longevity of her instrumentals. They are so good that I was disappointed they ended so quickly. Maybe next time out we can hear some more of those fine instrumentals, and just a little longer Robin?

This is a fine collection of blues songs and the theme is eclectic, so if you happen to enjoy many different styles of the genre you are in for a treat.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Robin O' Herin
  • CD Title: Red, White and Blues
  • Genre: Blues
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Cooked Goosed Productions
  • Tracks: Hold On (My first original slide song) Corinna (Blues in E) Walkin Blues (The Robert Johnson Classic) Junkfood Junkie Blues (Dedicated to all working moms) Old Country Rock (old guitar dance instrumental) Brian's Song (Once in a Lifetime Love) Abilene (traditional train song) The Driving Song (aka commuter blues) Ever Hopeful (It's never too late) Fly in Amber (Then again
  • Rating: Four Stars
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