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New Old Music by Modern Traditions Ensemble

This recording is a beautiful gift from Brazilian musicians. "Proezas de solon," "Vibraçoes," "Sonoroso," "Pérolas," "Lamentos Do Morro," "Goats Do Ouro," "Coixando," "Lamentos" and "Cheguei" are played with pure soul. Root rhythms are reflected in each song with everyone of these musicians being a top level and serious instrumentalist.

The Brazilian mandolin is the choro instrument of choice used today with it's voice being bright and beautiful. The sound of this old instrument gives just the right dimension to this CD. Iasias Bueno de Almeida bounces around in between each choro style, bringing the mandolin to center stage.

Israel 7 Cordas' guitar playing is totally virtuous. The knowledge of his own music and his attachment to it is constantly expressed throughout the whole release.

Naylor "Proveta" Azevedo is considered a great instrumentalist. His tempo is perfect and his solos are discreet but powerful. Guello holds the orchestra together with the beat of his percussion.

This Modern Traditions Ensemble CD is easily listened to with the sweet Brazilian rhythms incorporated into jazz. Listeners who enjoy the bossa nova will be content with this release. This group explores Brazilian music with a perfect classical and jazzy cocktail.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Modern Traditions Ensemble
  • CD Title: New Old Music
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Adventure Music
  • Tracks: Proezas de solon, Vibraçoes, Sonoroso, Pérolas, Lamentos Do Morro, Goats Do Ouro, Coixando, Lamentos, Cheguei
  • Musicians: Benjamin Taubkin (piano), Isaias Bueno de Almeida (mandolin), Israel 7 Cordas (7-string guitar), Naylor “Proveta” Azevedo (saxophone), Guello (percussion)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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