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Pass The Drum by Peter Sprague

Peter Sprague brings us his project called Pass The Drum. This band project features Peter on guitar, with support from a full group of musicians andsome great vocals. Peter is an accomplished guitarist fromCalifornia who has performed with such well known artists as Chick Corea andCharlie Haden.

This release has a specific Brazilian feel to it, and I felt has a hint ofSergio Mendes feel to it. I confirmed my suspicion, when hisbio sheet states how Peter became absorbed with many artists includingSergio. The sheet also mentioned Peter has performed with Sergio. The jazz feel is very present, while maintaining the overall Brazilgroove. This is a unique jazz disc, and I like it quite a bit.

Peter has put together a nice collection of original compositions, as well assome unique covers of familiar tunes. All are arranged by Peter, sothey have the stylistic stamp to make the release flow consistently. Thegroup shines throughout the disc. The recording is professional andsounds great. Everything is mixed well, and it is a very easylisten.

Coral MacFarland Thuet and Leonard Patton provide vocal support on many ofthe songs. Coral's female voice is soothing and elegant, while alsoadding that certain spice of sensuality. Leonard brings a nicesmooth male voice for tunes like Bruce Hornsby's Every Little Kiss andBob Marley's Is This Love. Leonard does a nice job with asoft vocal on their version of the Beatles classic And I Love Her. The Brazilian treatment of this Lennon and McCartneyclassic isworth the price of the disc alone.

Tripp Sprague provides some excellent sax and flute work, while Ken Dow doesa great job on bass. Ken is featured right off the bat, with a nicesolo in the first track. Duncan Moore and Tommy Aros hold downthe drum and percussion duties with some help from Manette Marino on Alaogas,and they do a great job of keeping the complex rhythms going.

Overall, this is a great disc that takes my mind to either a quiet tropicalhotel poolside, or better yet a moonlit walk along the seashore. The bossa nova and samba feel is handled perfectly.Moments of smooth and straight jazz are frequent enough to break up any possiblemonotony. Every track does not sound the same.

If I had to make one negative statement about this disc, it would be that thetune Sina doesn't seem to fit the rest of the release. It's almost areggae pop tune, amongst this fine collection of Brazilian jazz. Otherwise, this is going to be a disc that stays in my regularrotation. Now what will it take to get Pass The Drumover to the Midwest of the USA, so the rest of us can experience thismagic. If you like your Brazilian jazz, this is the perfect disc foryou.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Peter Sprague
  • CD Title: Pass The Drum
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: SBE Records
  • Tracks: Alagoas; Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar; Water Tai Chi; And I Love Her; Wave; Every Little Kiss; Instincts Of The Heart; Is This Love; Six Circle; Sina; Passarim
  • Musicians: Peter Sprague (guitar and arrangements); Tripp Sprague (saxophone and flute); Coral MacFarland Thuet (vocals); Leonard Patton (vocals); Ken Dow (bass); Duncan Moore (drums); Tommy Aros (percussion); Monette Marino (percussion on "Alagoas"); Steve Dillard (trumpet on "Alagoas" and "Is This Love")
  • Rating: Five Stars
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