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Sacumba by Luis Garay Percussion World

Argentinean percussionist Luis Garay is quite a musician. Having only resided in the United States since 1992, he has some major accomplishments under his belt. He has performed for Pope John Paul II in the Vatican, received a gold medal from the International Rotary Club, the Team Leadership Award from the Group Study Exchange Program, not to mention performances at the Kennedy Center, Smithsonian Institution, the Argentine and Chinese Embassy, the Department of State and maintains an active schedule as an in demand performer, instructor, adjudicator, clinician, director, composer and conductor. This just gives one an idea of how well versed Mr. Garay is.

Sacumba, displays Luis Garay, along with Wilbur Wood, Leon Eynatyan and Miguel Alfaro, creating a pulsating and percussive world all of their own. The word that comes to mind is empathy. These four percussionists act and play as one creative percussive unit as if they were connected to one mind and one body with eight arms. This album is filled with amazing and spectacular rhythms, beats and nuances.

Sacumba is highly recommended for serious percussion students, teachers or anyone who loves strictly percussion music. The instruments alone give this album a very exotic quality. There aren’t many albums that feature shining examples of instruments such as agogos, djembes, cajons, colanuts, balagons, cuicas, ngomas, and Argentinean drums. Viva Sacumba!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Luis Garay Percussion World
  • CD Title: Sacumba
  • Genre: Brazilian Jazz / Brazilian Pop Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Percumba Records
  • Tracks: Sambazo, Afrodezia, Afro-Chin, Dumbe, Timbalero Dance, Marimba Azucar, Afro 11/8, Martillo, Sacumba, Percumba, Tumba Coco, Chacara, Spirit of Maculele
  • Musicians: Luis Garay(drums, whistle, timbales, foot cowbell, tambourine, balagon, marimbas, gong, bamboo chimes, wind, chimes, congas, cuica, bongo, djembe, ngoma, bird whistles, claps, agogo, temple blocks, Argentinean drums, cajon, special effects), Wilbur Wood (congas, whistle, wind whistles, bongo, djembe, claps, cajon), Leon Eynatyan (surdo, bongo, shaker, colanuts, marimba, ngoma, gong, claps, congas, Argentinean drums, agogo), Miguel Alfaro (agogo, timbales, drums, bongo, shaker, tambourine, ngoma)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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