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A Horse Of A Different Rhythm by Craig McIver

Craig McIver enters through the big door on the leader’s scene with a notorious departure, A Horse of a Different Rhythm. Inspired drummer and composer McIver’s new release has been thirstily anticipated by many of his fans. Here he besieges himself with first-rate musicians criminally grooving from "Can't Hide», "Run", "Marimba Intro", "Paratriculas", "Under the Pope's Umbrella», Metronomic Suite: "Quiet Echo», "Fallen Dreamer" to "Reflections Passing".

On "Paratriculas" saxophonist Ben Schachter and Craig McIver perform plying highhanded ascendances, eager tones, and fluid tom-toms with faultless phrasing to shape spectacular personal voices. Craig McIver’s playing is superb throughout the album. The highlights are "Can't Hide"’ "Marimba Intro", "Fallen Dreamer» and "Reflections Passing".

"Run" is a great piece in which trumpeter John Swana as well as saxophonists Ben Schachter and Bobby Zankel soar, stretching out crosswise a vigorous groove. Not to mention the far-out conga-playing of percussionist Ron Howarton, bassist Mike Bone, and pianist Jason Shatti on "Under the Popes Umbrella"

From the fingertip opus, prodded by the leader, this far-out drummer distils painstaking music as well as occasionally frenzied spaces where the osmosis and growing interplay between these artists is awesome.

It’s useless to say that A Horse Of A Different Rhythm unleashes glorious pas de deux between Craig McIver and Ron Howarton. Both peered voices succeed on an upright rhythm, while giving the evidence of a tasteful fervency, a flexibility and powerful phrase mastery. This is a wonderful release deploying ribbon and solid orchestration. Highly recommended!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Craig McIver
  • CD Title: A Horse Of A Different Rhythm
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Dreambox Media
  • Rating: Four Stars
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