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Acoustic Jazz Guitar by Artie Traum

This collection of recordings from the velvet fog of acoustic jazz guitar illustrates how versatile and devoted Artie Traum is to his craft. All of the tracks are from 1992-2004 and include sessions with some of the giants in the music business. People like bassist Steve Swallow, pianist Warren Bernhardt and Bela Fleck are only some of the many who have been involved with Traum over the last twelve years or so. His sound is reminiscent of Earl Klugh and Joe Beck's straight and melodious style.

Yankee Swamp is an original of Traum's. Taken at an up-tempo beat, Traum is all over the neck exploring various possibilities in a soft and unassuming way. With The Band backing Traum, Helm's solid drumming and Hudson's ever present organ are the needed spice to this flavorful number.

Zucchini's delicate brush work along with Petito's walking bass are the perfect pillow for Traum to explore. Hot Lunch was co- written by Traum and Petito. As the guitar takes a gentle excursion with delicate harmonics, sonic joy abounds. Traum is a master at controlling the moment.

One of the most under rated pianists on the scene today, Warren Bernhardt's heartfelt introduction sets the stage for Traum's Modality. Johnson's understated percussion along with Petito's rounded finger work caress the melody with grace and respect. Traum has room to move throughout before we hear from Bernhardt with his intertwined delivery.

Dark Passage features Traum on acoustic guitar with Levin on bass and Sharp on percussion. After stating the melody, Levin carefully displays his bass skills. Buried in the mix to great effect, Levin can be heard offering up a subtle contribution. Sharp's carefully crafted percussion work is the icing on the cake.

A Day In Polizzi Gnerosa is a delightful and uplifting piece of music. Swallow's tasty bass work, along with fine percussion from Sharp and Mark allow Traum to enter the underbelly of each note to explore several possibilities. With skill and precision, he succeeds.

The Sun At Worldset is a beautiful ballad skillfully played by Traum and guitarist Fred Hand. A fine demonstration of working in a duo setting. Both compliment each other nicely with empathy and warmth. Delicate strings with melodic overtones.

Drawing on a wealth of talent over the years, this retrospective is just one of many examples that there is talent out there deserving wider recognition. No matter what musical setting Traum might be in, he gives his all. This is quite evident throughout this satisfying offering.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Artie Traum
  • CD Title: Acoustic Jazz Guitar
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Roaring Stream Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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