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Atroefy by Ryan Meagher

Ryan Meagher (pronounced "marr") is a young, New York City-based guitarist-composer who bridges the gap between smooth jazz and modern pop on his debut release Atroefy. His compositions are the type of tunes you would hear featured in romantic dramas and biopic films, or fashioned into a pop ballad acting as the backdrop for those moments of introspection. Meagher’s music comes from inside himself and pours out like the words from a private journal. He is accompanied by a group of up and coming musicians who compliment his style of playing including alto-saxophonist Loren Stillman, woodwind instrumentalist Matt Renzi, bassist Geoff Kraly, and drummer Vinnie Sperrazza.

Though there is no doubt that Meagher is the ring-leader of this crew, his guitar work is integrated into the patterns of fluxing mosaics and swerving lines. He rarely steps into the frontlines which is designated for the saxophone, the woodwinds, and even the drums have a prominent role in the melodies, but the guitar is often beautifully understated and acts as a support staff through the melodic structures. The listener can actually hear the melodic patterns breathing, taking air in and releasing it out creating a series of fluxing motions like in "Republic." The music forms delightful twirls along "Poetry In Motion" as the saxophone trails a path of majestic spins and the guitar, in its low-key register, follows in a friendly manner like a child experiencing a new-found feeling for the first time. Tunes like "Divided Road" and "RE: Creation" have hummable phrases, which stick in the listeners mind and move to the tempo of ones inner rhythm. The snaking woodwinds of "RE: Creation" have a friendly manner about them and are surrounded by splashing drum strikes and firmly stationed bass beats and guitar spins, it creates a stress-free and festive mood for the listener.

Meagher takes listeners inside themselves, hearing their own breathing patterns through the breathing patterns of the instruments. Whether the mood is solemn like in "Republic" or festive like in "RE: Creation," Meagher shows that there are many sides to his own inner rhythms and others, and that’s a good thing.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ryan Meagher
  • CD Title: Atroefy
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Fresh Sound New Talent Records
  • Tracks: Divided Road, A Familiar Farewell, Can’t Complane, Downers, Republic, Poetry In Motion, RE: Creation
  • Musicians: Ryan Meagher (guitar), Loren Stillman (alto saxophone), Matt Renzi (woodwinds), Geoff Kraly (electric bass), Vinnie Sperrazza (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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