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Below Sea Level by Even 3

If you want to enjoy some good jazz stained with a little hint of Italian touch, and played by young musicians who are about to walk a long way, then this CD is just for you.

Even 3 are jazz musicians from Sicily, playing together for five years and now awarded in the final of the renowned "Chicco Bettinardi" Competition in 2010: pianist Aki Spadaro, double-bassist Gabrio Bevilacqua and drummer Emanuele Primavera all provide an accomplished and thoughtful sound, a triangular space that takes its form from the dynamic communion of intentions. On this debut album, Spadaro and Bevilacqua contributes with their own compositions, which have been just conceived for the sound of the trio, declaring its strong inclination for melody: if an intriguing rhythm supports the ironic Domenica mattina and the syncopated walking marks Cortile della cera, the title track, Below sea level, very inspired, and New waves both show a poetic inspiration, which seems dedicated to friendship.

The other songs are very different but they also let the listener get pretty familiar with Even 3 organic sound: a melancholic feeling crosses Sicilian traditional E vui durmiti ancora, Nuovo cinema Paradiso theme, by maestro Morricone, is rendered with emotional devotion, as well as Ralph Towner's Tramonto, while really a surprise is their cover of Beach Boys' Don't talk.

The improvising initiative is mostly pivoted by Spadaro's piano, but when Bevilacqua's double bass solos, the lines are clear and cantabile as well as his counterpoint. The Mediterranean flavors are never mannered or annoying, because the trio is a jazz trio first.

What emerges from Below Sea Level is the sound of the group, its organic concept of performing, and this makes the album a very enjoying work from a new talented trio.

But there's something more to be said about this album: it's distributed through a new network, Deliver Your Music, which opens the distribution and digital promotion channels for the emerging bands who are aware of their abilities but also repressed by the complications deals and majors place between the artist and the music consumer.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Even 3
  • CD Title: Below Sea Level
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Record Label: Deliver Your Music /JazzEyes
  • Tracks: 1. Domenica mattina; 2. E vui durmiti ancora; 3. New waves; 4. Cortile della cera; 5. Don't talk (Put your hand on my shoulder); 6. Nuovo cinema paradiso; 7. Tramonto; 8. Below sea level
  • Rating: Four Stars
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