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Between Earth And Sky by Alison Keslow

Between Earth And Sky is bass player, Alison Keslow’s debut CD as a bandleader. The album has 7 original compositions and 2 new arrangements for the standard tunes, "You Stepped Out Of A Dream" and "There Is No Greater Love." Throughout the album, the listener becomes enthralled by her bass playing which enhances the melodic phrasing in both supportive and improvisational roles. The slips of embellishments from pianist Dave Limina, guitarist Peter Wiernik, and saxophonist Dino Govoni speckle the melodies with crystal-like dust while Keslow’s bass lines thread the melodic patterns into elegant songs.

Keslow’s funky bass beats along "You Got It" and "Says Who" produce a cool dance-track steam as the paraglide of saxophone twitters by Dino Govoni weave in and out of the melodic frames. Keslow’s playing has a contemporary jazz sound as she beads the tracks with smooth strips along the comfy piano keys in "Three Gems," and sprinkle fancy curls around the cheery saxophone notes of "When It Rains." The gentle bass rolls of "The River Is You" are magnetized to the winding saxophone whirls, and the cool jazz spokes of "Birch Walks" display the sophistication of bebop artists such as Duke Ellington. Keslow’s bass notes feel like they are soaked in some medium-peppered salsa through "There Is No Greater Love" and "You Stepped Out Of A Dream," while the therapeutic vibe in her bass phrases along "Earth Tones" have a calmly stroking.

Alison Keslow grew up in Westchester County and considers her mother, who was a jazz singer and piano player, to be her main inspiration to pursue a life in making music. She studied music theory and composition at Valencia Community College and then transferred to Berklee College of Music in 1991 where she graduated with honors in 1994. She has toured extensively as both a backup musician and with her own group. She says on her website that "My CD, Between Earth And Sky is the culmination of all of these experiences and lessons."

Of course, Alison Keslow is not done yet. She has been working on a new record which is due out later in 2008.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Alison Keslow
  • CD Title: Between Earth And Sky
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Lunartone Records
  • Tracks: Says Who, Three Gems, When It Rains, The River Is You, Birch Walk, There Is No Greater Love, You Stepped Out Of A Dream, You Got It, Earth Tones
  • Musicians: Alison Keslow (bass), Dino Govoni (saxophone), Dave Limina (piano), Peter Wiernik (guitar), Jon Hazzilla (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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