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Borrowed Time by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

Another triumph for the Barcelona-based Fresh Sound New Talent label. "Borrowed Time" features Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee on bass, but also explores his writing and arranging five compositions featured on this recording. Vaughn-Lee’s compositions and the respective band performances are delicate and graceful, but retain an emotional ambiguity, like watching the evening fog roll embracing and enwrapping the Golden Gate Bridge. The music is like a beautiful fog that is slowly dissolving certainty into a shapeless and swirling form. ‘Ginny’s Place’ feels like warm spot in the midst of turbulent uncertainty. It is a rich combination of structure and soul.

‘Maybe So, Maybe No’ is introduced by Albert Sanz on piano. His lovely solo and accompaniment provides a solid foundation for Mark Turner on saxophone. Turner takes off, swirls around before landing conclusively. The overall mood of the recording is based on or epitomized by Duke Ellington’s ‘Low Key Lightly.’ Vaughn-Lee and Turner take turns on this lovely, ambiguous, but wistful gem. Is it sad? Is it profound? It’s a bit of both. With the addition of Albert Sanz’s stunning ‘Esperanza’ and Ferenc Nemeth’s penetrating ‘Vera,’ this fully realized album that is both subtle and mature. It requires several repeat visits to this nether world. Highly recommended.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
  • CD Title: Borrowed Time
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Fresh Sounds / New Talent
  • Rating: Five Stars
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