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Bringin It Home by Brother Jack McDuff

I gotta say up front: most jazz organ usually bores the pants off me. I'm not sure why, but when I hear jazz organ (except for the late Larry Young), it conjures a memory of childhood dinners in restaurants with my parents. Not so this Jack McDuff album. Maybe it's his subtlety, or his fleet, blues-drenched tone, or the robust saxophone playing that pervades most every tune here. The guitar work, though a little conservative for my taste, ain't too shabby either. The tunes are a mix of originals and pop standards from various eras ("Girl Talk," "Summertime"). If earthy, easygoing jazz with sharp-as-bleu-cheese substance is what you crave, "Bringin' It Home" will fit the bill - a tonic for a tough day or a long night.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Brother Jack McDuff
  • CD Title: Bringin It Home
  • Year Released: 1998
  • Record Label: Concord Records
  • Musicians: Brother Jack McDuff (organ), Andrew Beals (sax), Red Holloway (sax), Jerry Weldon (sax), Grady Tate (drums), Rudy Petschauer (drums), Frank Gravis (bass), John Hart (guitar), Mark Whitefield (guitar), George Benson (guitar)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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