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Cuatro Corazones by Ernesto Dmitruk

Argentinean guitarist Ernesto Dmitruk delivers sensitive yet effective chops on this enjoyable recording. Featuring stellar backing from his fellow band members, Ernesto is able to showcase not only his playing skills but his ability to write musical poems that not only capture the imagination but also the joy and freedom of performing these solid efforts.

"Alpachiri" is a mid tempo piece that features some mellow, tranquil playing that highlights drummer Jose Luis Colzani's off beat rhythms. Playing off the beat in such a way that Ernesto is able to explore melodic territories that capture a feeling of beauty and skill.

"Astro" is a more adventurous number featuring the band as a unit delivering powerful statements, and woven landscapes. Nice piano from Fernando Pugliese. Using effective chords to build the piece to an exciting climax before returning to a gentler style introducing Ernesto's guitar work.

Flugelhorn player Juan Cruz De Urquiza is featured throughout the lovely "Decidido". A gentle rhythm stirring up dreams of a warm summer night by the sea with glistening lights turned low, capturing the moment. I would love to hear fellow Argentinean Gato Barbieri join in on this number. The hypnotic, haunting rhythms are what is so special about this number.

Soft and gentle playing introduces "Vera". A beautiful ballad which highlights Ernesto's skill at choosing the right notes to play at the right time. Playing inside the note with restrain and a childlike fluidity that sends the listener on a wondrous journey of musical delight. Nice accompaniment from drummer Jose Luis Colzani, and bassist Carlos Madariaga.

"B.B." begins with Fernando's piano before Ernesto joins in with some rhythmic slow tempo playing showcasing Ernesto's gentle side. The spirit of Pat Metheny lingers throughout the piece. Ernesto's gentle lazy style of playing, sliding the notes without losing control, illustrates that Ernesto can work well within the structure of a composition, as well as blending in with the rest of the band.

This debut from Ernesto bodes well for his future as both a composer, and musician. Argentineans as well as the rest of the world can be proud of his talent, grace, and musicianship. This is a recording that will be played over and over because of the beautiful balance Ernesto achieves in his delivery, group interaction, and basic style of playing. Expect to hear more from him in the coming years. A talent deserving wider recognition.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ernesto Dmitruk
  • CD Title: Cuatro Corazones
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Pretal Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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