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Desire by Tierney Sutton

Tierney Sutton and bandmates Christian Jacobs (piano), Trey Henry and Kevin Axt (bass,) and Ray Brinker (drums) give listeners an ear opening lesson on greed, materialism, obsession and desire on their newest Telarc, March 3, 2009 release Desire.

Eleven tracks with the ever-pristine vocals of Tierney Sutton, plus extraordinary arrangement and musicianship, is certainly a CD to be pondered and reflected upon. Slightly off the beaten track of the classic melodic form, Sutton delivers her interpretations along with a few recited texts from The Hidden Words of Bah’u’llah (the sacred book of the Baha’i faith) from which her spirit and emotions pour forth in songs for "living in interesting times."

One thing is certain when Sutton suggests listeners be willing to "bat this music around, turn it inside out, caress and pound it, question it, with hopes that something of value, something unexpected remains." One simple spin will not do so, however. You have to be familiar with Sutton’s previous recordings to appreciate the diversion and message stated here. Then, and only then, will you come to recognize the value of this CD in the collective library of the artist’s work.

"To me, this record is about stepping back and recognizing the difference between the voices we hear that are not our own and the ones that are truly within us," Sutton explains, "and discovering that the material things that we want or desire are not usually a path to happiness, and are not usually a path to ourselves."

Listeners may want to decide for themselves what feelings they receive from songs like "Skylark," "Then I’ll Be Tired of You," or "Love Me or Leave Me." Perhaps not everyone will get Sutton’s message in its entirety, but surely everyone will relate to the heartbreak and loneliness stated in these selections. Then, in the spirit, you can replay Desire and get the exact message the Tierney Sutton Band is expanding upon "wanting something that you know is taking away a part of who you are," Sutton explains, "but at the same time, you’re okay with the exchange. The song is about selling out, and being okay with the idea of selling out."

Tierney Sutton brings forth personal hope, self-worth and honesty in a world gone awry a stunning inward look into your own soul from an exceptionally gifted vocalist.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tierney Sutton
  • CD Title: Desire
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Telarc
  • Rating: Four Stars
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