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Frank & Joe Show 33 1/3 by Frank Vignola and Joe Ascione

Drawing stand-up crowds at Sweet Rhythm in New York, guitar virtuoso, Frank Vignola and master percussionist, Joe Ascione have finally captured their rave show, 33 1/3, on CD.

More than a brilliant sound, this album is about attitude. The dynamic duo present a broad cross section of brilliant songs from decades past and mixed them with pop tunes, along with gypsy swing and a touch of modern jazz.

Frank and Joe add their own improvisation to each track making every sound distinctly their own.

Mutual admiration allows each artist to expound his own talent while mixing it splendidly with the base song track.

Jane Siegel does an airy, yet deep rendition of Don’t Fence Me In, taking each note to it’s height. The listener feels back in the wide-open spaces of an easier yester-year.

Tico Ticois a perky tune with Frank Vignola leading on his guitar, while percussion brings the tone to the southwest.

Empowered creativity keeps Mozart Jam in fierce guitar mode throughout.

Stepping in with his throaty, raspy voice, Dr. John creates an atmosphere of love for his performance on Sheik of Araby. Who wouldn’t want to follow him to his love nest?

Sweet Rhythmleads with a spunky percussion, joined by a run with Frank on guitar, hitting a high stretch of notes.

Jane Siegel beckons in Besame Mucho, stretching each note, calling to her lover, oh so sensually. Frank’s guitar does a slow roll, while percussion gently backs both performers.

Daringly, bringing the listener back to now, Spiderman highlights a raging percussion fitting with a striking guitar run-- a symbiotic performance of timing and sound.

Another perky pop tune, Paper Moon keeps the listener in tune with the moment.

A gentle guitar lead opens Long Train Runnin’as Frank slips and slides along the guitar strings.

Alone Again Naturally is done gently, softly bringing all the introspection one might expect with this tune.

Bursting back into high action, Flight of the Bumblebee brings the listener into motion.

What could be more appropriate than ending the album with Stardust bringing the show to a nostalgic close.

As Joe explains, "Frank has what is called a chainsaw right hand." Frank says "Joe is so great on percussion, it allows for creativity and growth with each performance."

Brilliant producer Joel Dorn recognized this pair’s extraordinary ability and encompassing persona.

After all these years together, Frank and Joe have produced an all-American masterpiece, with a little help from their splendidly talented friends.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Frank Vignola and Joe Ascione
  • CD Title: Frank & Joe Show 33 1/3
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Hyena
  • Tracks: Begin the Beguine, Don’t Fence me In, Tico Tico, Mozart Jam, Sheik of Araby, Sweet Rhythm, Besame Mucho, Spiderman, Paper Moon, Long Train Runnin’, Alone Again Naturally, Flight of the Bumblebee, Stardust.
  • Musicians: Joe Ascione--percussion, Frank Vignola—guitar, Sean Smith, Joel Forbes, Gary Mazzaroppi—bass, Steven Bernstein—trumpet, Charles Burnham—violin, Mac Rebennack—piano, Chuck Ferruggia—tambourine holder. Dr. John—Sheik of Araby, Jane Monheit—Besame Mucho, Janis Siegel—Don’t Fence Me In.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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