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Gemini by Nick Bisesi

Nick Bisesi is a special character. His music is driven by emotions...real ones, because it's easy to listen and to see that he's part of a generation that wanted to change the world. Nick obviously changes his world, and influences other world musicians with his originality. This Sicilian man is wildly attracted to all kinds of freedoms and adventures. When it comes to jazz, he knows how to apply his intense choices.

His music is spontaneous and full of creativity. He demonstrates in each song that he writes his strong skill as a composer. Moreover, his compositions are deep but not hard, as it seems to be his personality. Joe Daley and Dave Liebman should feel proud of this talented fellow, once their student.

Bisesi has released another great CD. The cohorts he chooses for this one are as deep in life and music knowledge as he is. Neal Alger is a versatile guitarist who knows how to switch from one style to another. His capacity to adapt his own voice to different styles has permitted him to share the stage with great stars such as Claudio Roditi and Tito Puente. As like many guitarists, he likes to perform with singers and everybody is aware of the impact he brings to all the scenes with Patricia Barber.

Patrick Williams is a recognized composer and arranger in the New York vein more so than on the American scene. This Grammy winner brings to Bisesi's recording the expertise of what he's most about: an absolute sense of orchestration. Williams is known throughout the world as a master of many different instruments, for his teaching, and for his intervention in film music. This is the touch of perfection in Nick Bisesi's recording. The rhythmic sections of drummer Eric Montzka achieves a great artistic creation.

Nick Bisesi leaves his mark again... The thing about this gentleman is that he believes and intensely loves life, and, whatever he does it's with passion, and that places him over the top of wherever he is or will be.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Nick Bisesi
  • CD Title: Gemini
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Blujazz Productions
  • Tracks: Waltz for Gayle, Gorilla Cookies, A Short Visit, Dominick & Joey Secret Agent of Change, Undercurrents, Organic Combustion, Head in the Trees, The Garden, I Remember You
  • Musicians: Nick Bisesi (tenor sax & wood flutes), Neal Alger (guitars), Patrick Williams (bass), Eric Montzka (drums)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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