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Hokus Fokus by Hakan Goohde Trio

The Hakan Goohde Trio from Sweden is a tightly integrated union playing both mainstream and exploratory jazz. With Goohde's adventuresome style of playing, the trio is always turning corners into the unexpected. Highly stimulating with a sense of youthful exuberance, Hokus Fokus is up to the challenge on all nine tracks.

The Believers is a melding of guitar, bass and drums into a cornucopia of tension and release. Goohde's strident guitar work is refreshing in light of what the rest of the trio has in mind. Playing off one another in a carefully controlled yet loose environment, Olmedal and Persson stress the importance of cohesiveness in getting ideas across.

Obdurodon is a swinging number showcasing Goohde's dexterity and flight of fancy. Intricately playing the melody, he takes us on a trip into different stringed possibilities. Always true to form with solid work from Olmedal and Persson.

Reminiscent of something written by Pat Metheny, Commercial sails with it's perky melody, and driving percussion work. Beautiful finger work from Goohde as he rises to the occasion after every chorus. Probably the most interesting piece on this collection because it allows the trio to really stretch to full advantage.

Using lots of distortion, Goohde treats the listener to a brief piece called k.l.i.m.p. A loose melody featured with only Goohde playing.

Another upbeat piece of music, Am I features the trio in another session of close collaboration. This one swings. It's a groove type piece with lots of appeal.

This debut recording from The Hakan Goohde Trio has a lot to offer. Solid melodies, carefully crafted playing, and tight integration are what best describes what this collection is all about. Many future recordings of this trio should open them up to further explorations and possibilities. Persson's bang on percussion, Olmedal's propulsive bass work and Goohde's surprising variety of styles bode well for this young trio.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Hakan Goohde Trio
  • CD Title: Hokus Fokus
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Gason Jazz
  • Tracks: The Believers, Distance, Obdurodon, Dubbelt Sa Lang, Hatam, Commercial, k.l.i.m.p., Context, Am I
  • Musicians: Hakan Goohde (guitar), Nils Olmedal (bass), Jon Persson (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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