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I Love Paris by Dan Loomis Quartet

I Love Paris, the second recording from the Dan Loomis Quartet, shows a working band at its best. Unlike many jazz recording featuring all-star lineups thrown together for the session, the eight tracks on this CD showcase a group with a real ensemble sound. The quartet’s unusual format of alto and tenor sax, bass, and drums lends itself well to the moody, thought provoking pieces being played.

Compositionally, the album is an excellent balance between melody, attention to rhythm, and harmonic interest. Each piece is well thought out and thoroughly arranged. Tenor saxophonist Brian VanArsdale’s "Hildy Speaks" is reminiscent of the brooding music of the Dave Douglas/Chris Potter Quartets, and Loomis’ own "Pied Noir" a is beautiful and interesting melody played out in 9/4 and 6/4 time.

Loomis is a bass player who is comfortable with the traditional supportive role of the bass. Throughout the disc he shows he is more concerned with the groove than the spotlight. This is not to say he isn’t at home playing the part of the front man. The group’s rendition of Benny Goodman’s closing theme "Goodbye" features Loomis, and reminds us what a melodic instrument the acoustic bass can be. Joining Dan in the rhythm section is young drummer Jared Schonig. Together these two provide a solid foundation and rhythmic intensity that, combined with the refined yet energetic playing of saxophonists Nathan Heleine and VanArsdale, propels the group through the entire album. I Love Paris is a disc that warrants repeated play.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dan Loomis Quartet
  • CD Title: I Love Paris
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Jazz Excursion Records
  • Tracks: I Love Paris, Hildy Speaks, Pied Noir, Dear Lord, For Harry Carney, The Thrill is Gone, Goodbye, Lakesha
  • Musicians: Dan Loomis (bass), Jared Schonig (drums), Brian VanArsdale (tenor saxophone), Nathan Heleine (alto saxophone)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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