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Initiation by Anatholi Bulkin

Many musicians have been heaping all kinds of praise on Anatholi's guitar prowess. Greats such as bassist Harvie Swartz, Reed man David Liebman, and drummer Alphonse Mouzon are only some of the artists who are captivated by this young guitarists ability to create some powerful chords, and truly musical menderings. Playing in a style similar to Pat Metheny, Anatholi draws his inspiration from a tapestry of music Greats such as Keith Jarrett, Freddie Hubbard, Bob Moses, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Jack DeJohnette, Jaco Pastorius and Roy Haynes.

Anatholi doesn't waste any time with the opener, "Initiation". A charging, rough'n ready type of song that will surely initiate you to his way of playing. Staggered notes, glissandos, and soaring pyrotechnics elevate this piece to a barn burner guaranteed to put you in the mood for what is to come.

"Wings Of Light" highlights Anatholi's Pat Metheny influence. His style is from the same school. Nice harmonics over a solid rhythm track from the band makes this number rock from beginning to end. Sounds a little like what Pat Metheny was doing on his first release. Anatholi has a harder more direct approach than Pat.

"The Underdog" finds Anatholi searching for the right fee, and choice of notes and chord sequences, with the band following right along for the ride.

"Planet Hollywood" is a beautiful vehicle for some adventurous improvisations. I love the way Anatholi bends the notes with a rough direct feel to his playing. Swinging throughout, he shows that he can carry a tune with spirit intact, and the chops that follow.

A beautiful mid tempo ballad, "Folksong" features lilting and emotion filled playing throughout. It's amazing how much music comes out of this trio. They are so together throughout. Drummer Anders Hentze and bassist Jonas Reingold are featured throughout with Anatholi remaining in the background, with the occasional harmonic highlighting this piece. Jaco would be proud of Jonas's melodic and inventive playing. Anders offering truly beautiful drumming adding much to the mood.

As a group, The Anatholi Bulkin Trio is tops. This much anticipated CD will not only satisfy fans on Anatholi, but I'm sure will introduce new listeners to this guitar wonder king. Aspiring guitarists out there, take notice, there's a new kid on the block, and he's here to play his heart out at every opportunity. On his next outing it would be great to hear him in a setting with some of the legends of the Jazz community. Pat (Metheny), Jim (Hall), John (Scofield), are you listening.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Anatholi Bulkin
  • CD Title: Initiation
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Star People Records
  • Musicians: Jonas Reingold: Bass , Anders Hentze: Drums, Anatholi Bulkin: Guitar
  • Rating: Five Stars
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