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Joel Moore Quartet by Joel Moore

Innovative, original, powerful, energetic. If these are things you look for in a great jazz CD, then look no further, The Joel Moore Quartet is all that and more. Their debut self titled CD, which was captured live-in studio, is turning lots of heads, and with good reason. So close your eyes and imagine yourself in an old, intimate jazz club and you’d swear you were at a live show.

The Joel Moore Quartet plays like they have been together for an eternity, but were only founded in 2005!. The band is comprised of Joel Moore on tenor saxophone, Bob Ferraris on double bass, Jakub Rojek on keyboards, and Paul Townsend on drums. This is Contemporary jazz as it should be played, raw with an obvious passion that will leave you breathless, and an intensity that will have you trying to catch your breath.

"Fireside" opens up with Moore’s terrific sax chops and bassist Ferraris feverishly strumming away. Townsend’s drumming and Rojek’s keys really shine with each giving a delectable solo, sweet candy for the ears. Moore ties everything together with his tenor sax. "Hindsight" starts off soft and sexy but soon builds to an energetic rhythmic pace with Moore and Rojek’s instruments melodiously playing off one another. Ferraris has a great bass solo and Townsend keeps the groove going with some fine drumming. This is a definite standout composition! "Hat Trick" is another musical triumph as Townsend, Rojek and Ferraris face-off perfectly with Moore on this fast paced, upbeat number. Ferraris offers yet another standout bass solo. This original CD delivers an old style jazz feel but at the same time is new and fresh, and being played at its absolute finest.

Time to catch your breath as "Longing" takes the energy level down but not out. Moore’s sax is spellbinding with its’ brooding, haunting tones that drips with sensuality. These seven minutes of brilliance is reminiscent of the kind of music one might hear in the old film noir movies of the 40’s. "November," which is composed by Moore and Rojek (all others are composed by Moore,) is ultra cool and innovative. Superb keyboarding, bass and drums all seamlessly connect with Moore’s lively sax on this exceptionally performed number. "Catchin The Trane" starts out with a soaring energy level that is truly palpable. Moore lets loose on tenor sax with a white-hot ferocity while Ferraris keeps the pace with some wicked bass playing. These guys are all on fire here creating a mind-blowing finish for an amazing debut CD.

The Joel Moore Quartet is exceptional contemporary jazz with high energy, crazy riffs and cool vibes. And since this CD was recorded live-in studio, it captures that energy of being at a live show, giving one a true feel for the zest and passion each one of these guys bring to their music.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joel Moore
  • CD Title: Joel Moore Quartet
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Tracks: Fireside, Hindsight, Hat Trick, Longing, November, Catchin The Trane
  • Musicians: Joel Moore (tenor saxophone), Jakub Rojek (keyboards), Bob Ferraris (double bass), Paul Townsend (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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