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Keep Playing by Cornelio Tutu

Cornelio Tutu's band was established in the summer of 2003, in Budapest, Hungary. Recorded in Budapest, Keep Playing features some great playing along with some surprises. Tutu's style is reminiscent of the great Hungarian guitarist Gabor Zsabo. Tasteful and melodic with a keen sense of phrasing and direction.

Unlimited is a joyous tune featuring Tutu's clean playing. Every note is played with purpose and direction. The melody has that feel to it that you swear you have heard it somewhere before. Olah's keyboard exchanges with Tutu are a treat to the ear. Carefully arranged, and skillfully played, the band sets out to introduce the listener with sounds that are funky and contemporary.

Tutu's Benson like intro on Robin Is Here sets the groove for some great improvising. Olah's pulsating electric piano glides over the main theme ever so gently. His solo's become more involved with every bar before Tutu returns with the main melody. Peter Olah's bass work as well as Csomos's steady drumming give Tutu the space to improvise like there is no tomorrow. Tutu has so many ideas running through his guitar. Refreshing indeed.

Nicely layered keyboards along with Olah's bass work set a mood that is interesting and uncertain. What direction to take? After a while there is a sense that the melody is developing nice and slow. Tutu makes sure of that by utilizing a subtle approach before Film Music draws to an end.

Meditation is another vehicle for Tutu's simple guitar playing. With the rest of the band gently playing behind him, Tutu's fluid approach, playing in the moment to great effect only heightens the mood even further.

Time for an up-tempo piece with Let's Go Dancing. Tutu is having a great deal of fun on this number. Olah joins in with some complimentary keyboard. Eventually the whole band enters the mix with some infectious playing. Olah dances all over the keyboards, New Orleans style drumming from Csomos. You know it's time to get down and party.

No Problemo is a perfect tune to display the dexterity and commitment in Tutu's playing. His sense of focus is evident throughout. The way he plays in and out as well as around the strings sonically make this such a rewarding outing. Olah's fine keyboard work is again featured along with Csomos and Perger's great drumming and percussion.

It looks like there is a new guitar kid on the block and his name is Cornelio Tutu. Keep Playing is a great initial release. With balance, sincerity and conviction, let's hope that future releases allow him to stretch out even further. His developing style as well as an ability to surround himself with talented musicians bodes well for this up and coming guitarist.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Cornelio Tutu
  • CD Title: Keep Playing
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Cornelio Tutu Production
  • Rating: Five Stars
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