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Live At Fasching by Maggi Olin Band

An appreciative crowd welcomed the Maggi Olin Band to Fasching, a club in Stockholm. An excellent quintet with chops to burn made this an evening to remember. Every composition is written by Maggi Olin, a graduate of The Berklee School Of Music. Her writing allows the other musicians a chance to stretch out and explore their own capabilities. This is what is so enticing about her style. Weaving intricate lines and challenging forms and structures are the hallmark of her writing.

Very Late is an Up Tempo number with extended lines from trumpet player Ingrid Jensen. A skilled musician from Canada who has been making her mark not only in her native country but also abroad. Influenced by the likes of Kenny Wheeler, Jensen displays a mature approach to her instrument. Each chorus unveils new ideas which contribute to the spirit of the piece. Olin’s dexterity at the piano is evident throughout. This one is Jensen’s all the way.

A slow introspective trumpet sets the theme for Burt. Gentle bass lines flow under the trumpet lines as Tollborm drumming sets the groove for the rest of the piece. An excellent example of laying down the foundation and exploring the options. Almqvist exercises his options while Olin ‘s dreamy synth floats throughout. A sea of tranquility emerges as the melody continues to be explored. It’s a somewhat haunting number with many rewarding moments along the way.

Welin has a solid deep sound to his bass and this is evident on Mr Everywhere. A demanding work in that there are many tricky changes. Olin’s piano is clear and articulate displaying hints of Tristano. The pace quickens, Tollbom’s solid chops sets the mood for the rest of the composition.

Unity is a word that would best describe what went down that July evening . The band was certainly on the same page, and enjoying the moment. The crowd were certainly entertained. Moments like this are special. That is what is so appealing about Jazz. This gig was one of those special moments when mind and spirit come together to produce a satisfying musical experience.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Maggi Olin Band
  • CD Title: Live At Fasching
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Prophone
  • Tracks: Very Late, Burt, Empty, Synnsong, Argbiggan, Nustigo, Mr Everywhere, Alva.
  • Musicians: Maggi Olin (Piano/ Synth), Ingrid Jensen (Trumpet/ Flugelhorn), Karl-martin Almqvist (Tenor Sax), Mattias Welin (Bass), P-a Tollbom (Drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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