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Live At Yoshi’s by Eric Vloeimans’ Fugimundi

Dutch trumpet player Eric Vloeimans shows himself to be fluent at making melodic compounds that leap off the pages as they go through various stages of metamorphosis, in addition to being an ardent improviser. He demonstrates a visceral awareness of the multi-colored facets of his instrument enabling him to move from the soaring peals of the high notes to the creamy lesions of the low ones in a few breaths. His latest release Live At Yoshi’s is performed by his trio Fugimundi. The performance was taped live in October 2008 at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland. His bandmates Harmen Fraanje on piano and Anton Goudsmit on guitar also contributed some of their own original tunes to the album along with five tracks written by Vloeimans and one rather famous number "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" written by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg. Vloeimans treatment on the classic tune heightens the improvisational movements of the piano’s accents and clefts as the limbs of the trumpet play the main theme of the melody carrying listeners on its wings.

The dramatic swags of the piano keys in "Corleone" give the tune an upright posture, and the fluffy puffs in the trumpet’s locks interlacing with the sprightly keys of "Wet Feet" create a profusion of tossing and turning that radiates of joy. The melancholic aura of "March Of The Carpenter Ants" moves in long, languid breaths which quicken the pace intermittently along the swells, while the slowly forming buds of "Ernesto" pervade an introspective tone in Goudsmit’s guitar. The tranquilizing tresses of Vloeimans trumpet in "Philip" are seamed by the relaxing strokes of the guitar, which shift to a tango-like strut in "Harry Bo" creating a playful and flirtatious mood. The Arabian hue of "Fatima" has lush trumpet whorls swiveling sensually as the wiggly guitar patterns rise to reach up and lasso the sky. The final number "Antwen" is a blues-inspired melody planked by smooth elevations in the trumpet rolls and piercing guitar chords zipped up in the bluesy inflections of the piano keys. Vloeimans plays the trumpet like a man who knows what it is like to sing the blues.

Vloeimans does not restrict himself to playing one style of music but rather fuses jazz improvisation with traits of pop, rock, soul, blues, and classical chamber. He is a versatile performer who investigates musical influences from around the globe, and parlays his findings into improvisations that he shares with audiences. It is the next best thing to actually being a part of these cultures that Vloeimans’ Fugimundi fuses and seam harmoniously.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Eric Vloeimans’ Fugimundi
  • CD Title: Live At Yoshi’s
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Challenge Records
  • Tracks: Corleone, Wet Feet, March Of The Carpenter Ants, Ernesto, Philip, Harry Bo, Fatima, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Antwen
  • Musicians: Eric Vloeimans (trumpet), Harmen Fraanje (piano), and Anton Goudsmit (guitar)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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