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Momentum by Sebastian Weiss

Youth and wisdom are often not used in the same sentence. Ah, it’s good to break old clichés. This new century brings promise in the form of Sebastian Weiss and his fellow wise men.

If you can imagine tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley (or similar artists) in a current setting, take notice. Though Miguel Zenon plays alto, he’s got that kind of musical sense and makes the most of it. Sebastian is up to it again, with some suave piano work while Dan Weiss and Bob Bowen mix it up tightly as they are known to do. How straight-ahead can these guys get? "Returning for More" is something to make one return for. It’s a complex track that reveals something new each time you hear it. One can sense the deep message in "Absence," interpreted by Zenon’s sax as the voice over Sebastian’s thoughtful piano styling.

"Misdialed" is an interesting title for a piece that’s well connected. No need to dissect titles, Zenon and Dan Weiss work their techniques quite well. As with the other tracks, there’s more than one emotion coming through. No track is totally sedate or fiery. It’s the mixture that works well. There are some burning moments on this CD, but it’s also quite reserved. Bowen and Sebastian give the early-morning groove "6 a.m. Elevated" new day fire. If you’ve ever done the all night jazz radio thing, enlightened deejays know what to play when the clock approaches six on a Sunday morning and the sun peeps through your windows.

There’s a story behind the bluesy, somewhat strange and amusing "Boa Constrictor." It’s actually quite light and free unlike what the title alone would suggest. Dan does some serious reflective drum work here. "Grow" was written for a "quasi-nephew" of Sebastian’s (as he described). It’s mostly piano driven, with some backup from Dan over a simple rhythm structure.

For note, Weiss composed all tracks with wisdom beyond his years. Each artist plays with freedom that is well used. They know to reach ahead without turning away from each other. These musicians sound like they’re truly having a good time doing what they do. True musicians can’t hide the love. You can feel it here.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sebastian Weiss
  • CD Title: Momentum
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Fresh Sound Records
  • Musicians: Sebastian Weiss (Piano), Bob Bowen (bass), Dan Weiss (Drums), Miguel Zenon (alto saxophone).
  • Rating: Four Stars
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