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New Vista by David Liebman Group

Arkadia Jazz is a new jazz record label that has come out of the box with a flawless first release. Signing on the truly masterful and talented musician, David Liebman, should assure Arkadia much success on their outset. Liebman has been a big part of the jazz music scene since 1970 where he help to found the Ten Wheel Drive band, one of the early jazz fusion / rock bands.

Liebman's solid saxophone and flute playing allowed him to play along side of many greats such as Elvin Jones and the one and only, Miles Davis. Throughout Liebman's career we can find him playing a variety of horns. However, his most memorable work displays him playing his faithful soprano saxophone. Many music critics have consistently ranked him as being one of the top five soprano saxophone players in the world. I would have to agree that Liebman has the natural ability to make music come alive with his originative and becalming sax playing. On his latest release, "New Vista", he surrounds himself with an all-star cast of musicians. When asked about the Brazilian flavor of this release, Liebman responded by saying, "I decided to invite our drummer Jamey Haddad together with the incredible percussionist Café, to create interesting and colorful rhythmic textures to encompass the various compositions.

As a result, the emphasis here is on the rhythm, in particular, the drums." Oh what rhythm they have! Liebman also features the soulful guitar playing swing of Vic Juris, the ever-steady bass beats of Tony Marino and the fancy fingerwork of keyboardist Phil Markowitz who creates a stream of effortless notes that establish the flow. On the title track Liebman hits you with a spectrum of sounds and feelings that will pick you up and make you want to samba the whole night through. On "Real Dreams" the percussion boldly carries the song through along with the alluring vocals of Café and Davia Sacks to create a unforgettable musical pulse.

This release is put together with a lineup of hits that are sure to impress you. Check this one out and you won't be disappointed. Also, stay tuned to Arkadia for Liebman's upcoming project with virtuoso guitarist, Pat Metheny.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Liebman Group
  • CD Title: New Vista
  • Year Released: 1997
  • Record Label: Arkadia Jazz
  • Rating: Five Stars
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