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Night Dancers by Paolo Lattanzi Group

Night Dancers is all about swing, soul and celebration. The compositions aren’t standard quotations but gems of bold creation. Chording with some fine cats: Nikolay Moiseenko (alto & soprano saxophones), Marco Panascia (acoustic & electric basses), Aurelien Budynek (nylon string, & electric & fretless guitars) and Pau Terol (piano & organ), Lattanzi has crafted ten opuses that come up to an amazing firepower with this band combination. A melodic pace directs the flow and imparts a musical purpose, yet this quintet unties their muse. Paolo Lattanzi’s compositions reflect an established process, forsaking a large knowledge for a more strongly knit traditional set with a few extra wonders.

Swarming highlights with knack on tracks such as "Other Lands", "In a Dark Room", Fairy Tales to a Child", "Night Dancers", and "Four Years Gone" reveals the peach encompassed in here. Through changeable federations of manner and flush, Lattanzi's drums and Panascia and Budinek’s electric strings lay down the fashion for Moiseenko and Terol. A resourceful Moiseenko totally sways his reeds, unbarring each track with notes that overflow in succession like a curb-drifting path.

Advent to this a number of graceful unison lines that retell themes with Panascia and Budynek roving down, Terol emerges from stretched hues to grasp the lead. His piano plays easily with unrestrained tone. Panascia and Budynek are really the mucilage throughout the release. Both serve the pulse or passed-pulse of a tune. Often carting phrases and grooves and giving a counterpoint to the reeds, Panascia and Budynek are vehement on both the acoustic and electric strings, working as a forceful mainstay.

The release flows throughout with many colors, like the boppy "In a Dark Room" and the dance-like baseline of "Night Dancers" (with amazing reed/piano rowing aforesaid). And of course there are the divine minutes of plummeting, like on "14/2," where Panascia works his way up his arc to a blistering solo, leading the way for Budynek and Lattanzi to hop into Lanzatti’s personal percussive solo. But the key to Night Dancer is that it conveys an identity. Whether sternly written and/or moving in all directions in between, the album withholds an identity which is built by its combined spirit. Recommended.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Paolo Lattanzi Group
  • CD Title: Night Dancers
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Silta Records
  • Tracks: Cicerchi’s Wanderlust, Just a Story, 14/2, In A Dark Room, When It Doesn’t Matter, Other Lands, Night Dancers, Four Years Gone, Fairy Tales to a Child, May
  • Musicians: Aurelien Budynek (nylon string, electric and fretless guitars), Nikolay Moiseenko (alto and soprano saxophones), Pau Terol (piano and organ), Marco Panascia (acoustic and electric basses), Paolo Lattanzi (drums)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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