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No One New by The Joshua Breakstone Trio

Guitarist/composer Joshua Breakstone takes audiences over rivers, through the woods, and traipsing across yellow brick roads in No One New, his fifth release on Capri Records. Every track is a new jaunt in and of itself. Breakstone’s chords jettison vivaciously in the opener "Over Done" as the swells of splashing drum strikes from Eliot Zigmund and the bubbly spurts of bassist Lisle Atkinson bombard the track with flitting gusts. Breakstone displays an inclination to glide into a few bars of his favorite nursery rhyme, which touches a familiar chord in listeners and forges a bond with them.

Breakstone’s guitar pluckings in "For Me" have a smooth jazz vibe which transition into a soft Latin flare in "The Unknown One." The jolly gait of his guitar chords in "Come On Baby" glisten starkly, and course a comfy trundle through the rolling grooves of "Blues Heretofore." The movements have a lyrical stride that is conducive to supper club ambiences or leisurely walks along a bustling avenue. Breakstone’s chords project a merriment in the title track that veers the weather into cells of sunshine and warm rustling, which simmer down to a cool coasting in the gentle ripples of "The Peacocks." Picking up speed in "The Kicker," Breakstone and crew wander with the spirit of an adventurer creating playful jostles and frothy ruffles that entertain listeners.

Breakstone displays the agility of Allan Holdsworth and the sophisticated sensibility of Steve Herberman. His playing derives a recipe that is conducive to supper club tastes, and with five of the eight tracks on the album written by Breakstone, No One New has a simplicity and expressive style that suits smooth jazz moods while spearheading jazz fusion efforts. It is a record that is bound to be another notch in contemporary jazz music’s proverbial belt.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Joshua Breakstone Trio
  • CD Title: No One New
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Capri Records
  • Tracks: Over Done, For Me, The Unknown One, Come On Baby, Blues Heretofore, No One New, The Peacocks, The Kicker
  • Rating: Three Stars
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