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On the Verge by Chris Greene and New Perspective

Chris Greene's "On the Verge" will appeal to all fans of contemporary jazz, for it is imaginative and there are many excellent solo performances in this collection. 8 jazzy, long tracks to entertain and delight the listener.

Selections include "Mister Congeniality," "Core of Vitality," "Adamantium," "(Yet Another) Lonely Saturday Night," "Dragonfly," "Baby Fitch," "Friday Rain," and "Bootsy." The music is written and arranged by Chris Greene.

Consistent good solo work is realized on every selection. Kohki Ohno gives some outstanding work on electric bass as does Ron Lambert on drums and percussion. Charles D. Bayne gives some sweet, mellow piano solos. Chris Greene works his alto saxophone and keyboards in perfect harmony, and even adds a touch of the rainstick! These musicians know their instruments and it is a pleasure listening to them perform together. "Dragonfly," "Friday Rain," and "Bootsy" are standout pieces, worthy of a lot of airplay time.

Well-crafted, mellow, and fun to listen to, "On the Verge" should attract a lot of new fans to Chris Greene's jazz excursions. Lively and nice.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Chris Greene and New Perspective
  • CD Title: On the Verge
  • Year Released: 1998
  • Record Label: G-Renegade Productions
  • Musicians: Chris Greene, leader, composer, keyboards, alto saxophone, rainstick. Charles D. keyboards, synthsBayne, piano, keyboards, synths. Kohki Ohno, electric bass. Ron Lambert, drums, percussion, additional synths.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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