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Out of the Way by Roy Dunlap Group

With tunes like "Off the Grid (Part I), "On The Horizon," "Libra," & "Gently Passing," one gets the impression, they are off on some trip to somewhere exotic and known only to the musicians. When you listen to this CD the listener is one of the travelers also. Sort of. This CD moves from BeBop to contemporary jazz. And at times a little avant garde. But it's enjoyable all the same. "Gently Passing," is slow and sad. "Messages" has a funky bass line and the sax lead is full of energy. I did however, enjoy the versatility this CD offers. And just like the final cut, you'll need to listen to it more to "Make up your own mind."

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Roy Dunlap Group
  • CD Title: Out of the Way
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Record Label: JazzSouth
  • Tracks: Off the Grid (part 1), Tamarindo, On the Horizon, Don Quixote, Libra, Off the Grid (part 2), Gentle Passing, Messages, Make up your own mind.
  • Musicians: Roy Dunlap, piano; Pete Chmielewski, drums; Jeff Hanley, bass & Dan Nicholson, sax.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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