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Pacific Electric by Jon Hartmann

With a nice blend of caribbean rhythms and jazz sprinklings Hartmann and the rest of the band have come up with a satisfying collection of tunes sure to please many. Every piece is written by Jon Hartmann.

Pacific Electric is a showcase for William's forthright style of trumpet playing. Hartmann's keyboard is present throughout, but it is Williams who shines. His rounding of notes and careful integration with the rest of the band work well in this setting. Jacob's guitar and Price's sax are also featured with warmth and direction.

Guitarist Tony Pretzello is featured on Reminds Me Of The Time. After a few introductory bars from Price, Hartmann is featured on piano. These two work so well together in the way that that they harmonize and phrase. Pretzello's soft and understated guitar adds to the mood. By carefully crafting the chords and notes, he is able to contribute a haunting and somewhat distant sound from his guitar. Hartmann's probing piano is featured sounding a bit like Joe Sample. A trip through a warm breeze full of notes and feeling.

Jacob's guitar flows throughout Ozone. Never hesitant, fingers glide in and around the strings like a cat playing with twine. Having fun and taking the rest of the band along for the ride. Listen carefully to how attentive the rhythm section is. Lees' effective drumming, and Woolever's persistent bass runs work in tandem as Williams takes another welcome solo.

Working with a simple rhythmic structure, They Laughed is basically a group effort. The group in this case being used to hold down the melody while Price and Hartmann have an opportunity to display their talents.

Gridlock is another mid tempo tune with a positive tilt to it. Price and Hartmann , engage in some light but effective ensemble playing until Williams trumpet gymnastics drive interest up a notch or two. Price follows with funky staccato like runs and at times soaring excursions.

For a soothing effect, Hartmann chooses to open Out Of The Loop with some nice electric piano. Hypnotic throughout, Hartmann's lightly flavored glissandos mixed with Price's authoritative sax make for a satisfying blend of delightful music making.

There is something about Pacific Electric that is appealing and captivating. Maybe it's the tight arrangements and the way that the band works together that make this such an enjoyable outing. Or maybe it's the way that Hartmann and Price lead the band on most of the compositions with the rest of the band being used to great effect. Whatever it is, this is an enjoyable session worth recommending.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jon Hartmann
  • CD Title: Pacific Electric
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Jon Hartmann Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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