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Peace Prayer by Lukas Vesely

Lukas Vesely, the 28 year old Czech American jazz bassist has a new album called Peace Prayer out and it is a collection of sublime and very heartfelt numbers, most of which were composed by Mr Vesely. The first track , "Eastern Sea part 1" is the first in a three song trilogy that features Mr Vesely on bass and it reminds you of some of the finer jazz ensemble playing of the past. There is a very definite yet subtle give and take between the members of the group. each one gently layers his part over the next to form a seamless wall of sound.

"Man-Dude" has a very smart be-bop sound to it, if you are a lover of the saxophone this is an album for you. Mr Vesley and company highlight the instrument and the end result is wonderful. It seems that every once in a while you run across a song that is great to listen to but it has one of the odder sounding names for a title. Such is the case with "V Nebi", a lush piano driven ballad that is easy to listen to and carries you off to a better place, even if the title is a mystery.

Not to be restricted to just one place in the band Mr Vesley steps up and does a very admirable job as a vocalist on "You're Driving Me Crazy", another well done be-bop era tune that again showcases the saxophone and a great bass solo by Mr Vesely. "Round Trip" the great Ornette Coleman number is given a fresh rendition by Vesley and company that would have made the old man proud, the bass playing is refined and there is a wonderful chaotic sound to it all that is pure Coleman.

"Body and Soul" again features Mr Vesley on vocals and his tenor voice is complimented by the playing of his backup band that gives the number a real sense of emotional depth, a depth well beyond Mr Vesley's years. He carries it off effortlessly. "Dan's Journey" and "What Is This Thing Called Love" are two more numbers that demonstrate how gifted this group of musicians are, the piano playing on the later is something to be heard, it swings with a spirit all its own and really helps to drive the number along wonderfully.

The closing number of the recording is entitled "Peace Prayer" and it is heartfelt and done with soft undertones and very intimate playing it brings the whole album together very nicely. On the inside cover of the album there is a brief poem by Mr Vesley that reads "Should we be softly singing in the sound, dreaming slowly a light so sweet to hear the day, silence gleaming is one collecting us , and are we etched in time, perpetually flowing, and faithfully being. Mr Vesley is a very talented and multi-layered artist that has composed a very special and unique recording.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Lukas Vesely
  • CD Title: Peace Prayer
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: lukasvesely
  • Rating: Four Stars
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