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Petite Monde by David Cooper

David Cooper’s Petite Monde showcases his near flawless trumpet playing and outstanding writing skills. On this CD, Cooper plays nine tunes he has composed and arranged, and Thelonius Monk’s classic "Ruby, My Dear." This album is filled with tight ensemble playing, a great singer, and great solos.

David Cooper is a trumpet player from Wisconsin, who has played with jazz greats such as Bobby Shew and Bob Mintzer. Petite Monde is the first jazz album David Cooper has recorded as a leader. Cooper has a strong classical background and it shows up in his playing with his rich tone and technical proficiency. David Cooper’s playing on this CD is laid back, but still brings lots of energy and fire to the table. He plays with a great, clear technique on fast tunes such as "Petite Monde." He also shows off his versatility on the ballad "Ruby, My Dear" only playing with the bass and piano.

Singer Kelly De Haven is featured on four tunes. She sings the melodies, sometimes along with the trumpet playing of Cooper, in tune and confidently. Her scat singing is exceptional. De Haven’s singing brings a nice change in the CD and keeps things mixed up. Saxophonist Forrest "Woody" Mankowski only plays on three songs, but gives nice support to Cooper and De Haven.

The rhythm section is composed of Vincent Fuh, Paul Hastil, Jeff Eckels, Tim Gilson and Dane Richeson. Fuh and Hastil split time on piano, filling in the gaps with grooving melodic lines. They also have numerous solos that are intriguing and melodically intense. The foundation on the group is held together by bass players Jeff Eckels and Tim Gilson. The time is kept by drummer Dane Richeson.

There is only one downside to this CD. There is not enough improvisation time for everybody to express their entire musical ideas. Even though the solos are a little short, David Cooper’s Petite Monde has many characteristics that make it a good CD to have.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Cooper
  • CD Title: Petite Monde
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Blue Mounds Productions
  • Rating: Three Stars
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