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Playing My Dues by Gary Davis

Something just seems to solidify and ignite the atmosphere when the saxophone opens it valves and plays the passions from a master who orchestrates its tones. So diverse in its moods and genres, the sax lifts a room for all who reside to a new and exciting level when performed in excellence. Gary Davis has that quality and again delivers a spirited jewel with Playing My Dues a self-released offering in 2005. The project is nine cuts of untarnished jazz sounds that is a pure delight to spin.

What is so pleasing is the diverse and eclectic avenues his arrangements take. With many surprises throughout the recording such as "One Night In Brazil" with the vocal presence of Regina Davis making this recording a must experience. The disc has class and stands on its own merit with the guidance of Mr. Davis. As for example the mix of sounds and segues in "Keep On Steppin," which marries the influential sax with the brilliant string action of George Nash, a stellar set.

Davis’s use of sound continues its innovative influence in many of the selections with scattered vocalizing vignettes throughout. His actions speak volumes in his confidence in his self! Along those lines, his creative progression is felt through his selection of cuts and composition that has his career on a fast track.

Playing My Dues is by far a key addition to a collection for the composition truly speaks for itself both in structure and quality. Words do not allow justice to prevail only numerous spins will unleash the delight of the saxophone mystique of Mr. Davis.... so just push play!

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Gary Davis
  • CD Title: Playing My Dues
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Gary Davis
  • Rating: Three Stars
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