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(s/t) by Phillips Grier & Flinner

This wonderful CD consists of acoustic music by Todd Phillips (acoustic bass), David Grier (guitar) and Matt Flinner (mandolin) - I say "acoustic music" because to simply state that it's "jazz," "new age," "folk" or whatever does not do this music justice. Present are elements of all the previously mention genres/forms, and more: Celtic, country, bluegrass. This trio plays original tunes that can best be described as folk & country melodies played with a jazz sensibility. Phillips has a warm, fat, cozy yet FIRM tone that reminds me much of Charlie Haden (whose playing has its own county roots). Grier combines the thoughtful, spacious approach of Ralph Tower with the rootsy dexterity of Doc Watson. Flinner is of the David Grisman/Jethro Burns school of playing, and he plays with a Ralph Tower/Thelonious Monk sense of economy. Unlike some "new acoustic music," this album is free of any hollow displays of self-indulgent "technique" - melody and group-interplay rule supreme. There's a genuine back-porch felling to this music, as if they were making these sounds for themselves, and anyone the wind might carry the sounds to. If you like the music of David Grisman and Mike Marshall, or Bill Frisell's beautiful album Nashville, or if you can appreciate Herb Ellis AND Bill Monroe, P,G & F will brighten your life.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Phillips Grier & Flinner
  • CD Title: (s/t)
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Compass Records
  • Musicians: Todd Phillips (acoustic bass), David Grier (guitar) and Matt Flinner (mandolin)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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