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Seasons by Tracy Hamlin

Ah yes, remember this songtress during the 2002-2005 Pieces of a Dream projects? Think of the funky, thunderous Devotion from No Assembly Required, the soulful, smooth I Feel Like Singing, and the ever-popular My Funny Valentine (which truly showcases her velvety vocal qualities) from Love’s Silhouette. Yep, same sweet voice in that familiar jazz/R&B setting.

Tracy’s handling of the classic Ain’t No Sunshine is a unique rendition, bound to capture your attention with its funky, innovative approach. That’s followed by the caress of her sweet vocals on Anything For You On its heels is the Marvin Gaye-ish (a la Let’s Get It On) rhythm and feel of the very deep Heartbreaking Feeling. She offers some well-placed advice here about working things out, ‘cause there’s something about being lonely that’s just hard to explain (to paraphrase her). As she says: "Only the lonely know what it’s about." Hmm.... nuff said.

Other songs of note include the light, airy, flute-enhanced Sundown, another romantic scene-setter (coming home to you. candles, poured wine, dimmed lights, etc.). Whew! You have something else to do, somewhere else to go, fellas?? I think not! At track 6, listen to her description of heaven in A Place Called Home. Marvel at how her voice lifts you on the skyward journey there! At track 8, she ushers in the funk with Been There, Done That (my favorite.... I think). This one offers the ultimatum: "Been there, done that, don’t wanna be your second best. If I can’t be a priority, then, baby, you can’t have me." I guess that’s plain enough, guys, don’tcha think?? At track 10, the kiddies get involved in a catchy piece with a chorus about being special. Cute, true, and so very appropriate for self-esteem building for the young ones. The closing cut, Still I Rise, is an inspirational appeal to those of us who’ve experienced some rough roads (I imagine we all have encountered those roads at some point or another).

This CD has it all, not the least of which is a nice collection of stellar artists as her accompaniment (Najee, former bandmates James Lloyd and Curtis Harmon, and bassists Gerald Veasley and David Dyson, to name a few). Tracy Hamlin hits all the right spots in all of us who feel that life and love really do matter. She certainly has my vote!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tracy Hamlin
  • CD Title: Seasons
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: DMH Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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