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Secrets Of Three by The Mark Kleinhaut Trio

Secrets Of Three is a trio recording featuring the always creative guitar playing of Mark Kleinhaut. There are many gems on this recording that not only feature Kleinhaut's playing, but more importantly, the overall sound of the trio. Interacting in subtle and sonically satisfying ways, the trio is able to capture the spirit of the moment.

Say That You Will is a straight ahead arrangement with blues undertones. Lyden's gentle bass intro sets the stage for Kleinhaut's smooth sounding, melodic excursions. After a few bars, Kleinhaut swings gently yet succinctly. Always in control, and always searching for his next adventure, Kleinhaut can count on Lyden and Macksoud's support in keeping the melody exciting and challenging.

If there was ever a piece of music that demanded repeated listens, Natasha is it. Again, we are treated to Lyden's bass prowness as he introduces us to this mysterious lady. Always pondering, and building, we are finally treated to an unforgettable melody somewhat reminiscent of On Broadway. What makes this tune so special is the intricate writing of the melody. Allowing for twists and turns, Kleinhaut and Macksoud begin to explore all kinds of possibilities. Of note is Mackoud's gentle rolls, and off beat shots, which compliment what Kleinhaut is playing. We are offered a chance to hear what Kleinhaut is capable of doing.

On On Vacation, Kleinhaut chooses to use some carefully placed harmonics to introduce the listener to an empathetic reading of this original. Again we are treated to the sound of the trio. Working together as a unit, one senses that they are indeed on a vacation, trying different and new things. Gentle rhythms, and a subtle melody add to the tapestry of this number. Kleinhaut's harmonically rich playing is evidenced throughout. Not only pleasing to the ears, but the heart and soul as well.

Veteran's Day has a classical flavor to it. Kleinhaut's solo intro is rich in execution and gentle as a butterfly. The smoothness of the trio, and the wall of beauty that is created only serve to enrich the moment. A story is being told through three musicians who are in tune with each other. With obvious love and compassion, each of them take a turn at weaving a dialog not only amongst themselves but within.

An upbeat number closes the session. Macksoud's drum work is both direct and skilled. Zingot is a fun number. It also shows how sensitive a writer Kleinhaut is. You get a sense that Kleinhaut does not write easy pieces. His are melodies with a bend to them. Never knowing what is behind the door, a sense of musical adventure prevails. This is how Kleinhaut writes. Once again we hear from Lyden, but this time round, Kleinhaut works with him. Together they share brief moments of inspiration before winding things down.

The Mark Kleinhaut Trio not only makes beautiful music, they also share a love of inspiring each other, resulting in a sense of adventure that is pervasive throughout this recording. Showcasing Kleinhaut's talent in a trio setting, enriches the musical experience even more. The pace is set early on and by the end of the journey, we are all the better for it. Excellent sound, musically satisfying, and every number a winner, Kleinhaut has succeeded in writing material that not only sounds good but is enriching and lasting.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Mark Kleinhaut Trio
  • CD Title: Secrets Of Three
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Record Label: Invisible Music
  • Tracks: Say That You Will, Natasha, Not a Poet, Wistful, Vacation, Nanoprobes, Veterans Day, Rowboat, Zingat
  • Musicians: Mark Kleinhaut (guitar), Jim Lyden (bass), Mark Macksoud (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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