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So It Goes by Daniel Ori

Daniel Ori’s debut CD as a leader is wonderful. A straight ahead contemporary jazz album that blends world influences into plenty of jazz stories. So It Goes takes the listener on a tour of this young accomplished bassist’s experiences of jazz from early influences in his home country, Israel through to his current musical base - jazz central, N.Y.C. The album has eight tracks, all composed by Daniel Ori. The compositions are well constructed, exciting tunes that have multi textured layers of intriguing music. Joining Daniel Ori are Uri Gurvich on saxophone, Jeff Miles on guitar, Marcelo Woloski, percussion, Gabriel Guerrero, piano and Eric Doob playing drums.

The beauty of this album is the sharing that takes place. A great leader makes every one else the focus, there is no heroic bass playing here. Many of the songs play heavily on Middle Eastern rhythms, a theme that runs through many modern jazz tunes. You get the sense that both Daniel Ori and saxophonist Uri Gurvich spent plenty of time surrounded by this style of music. You here the rhythms of the Middle-East, Ayyoub, Chiftetelli, Sama’i, Masmoudi, Fallahi and Baladi rhythms that sneak in and out of the songs providing a fresh new sound to this contemporary, swinging jazz sound.

The opening track, "On a Tin Floor" opens with a dumbek drum sound. The melody sways and swirls as the sand on the floor of the Sahara or perhaps the snow whipping across 8th and Broadway. The song "Susurrus" is a soft and delicate tune that features the piano playing of Gabriel Guerrero. The song builds in intensity as the alto of Uri Gurvich takes the song in multiple directions. Guerrero pulls it back from its rapid ascent and lays down sumptuous sounds with surprise chords, somewhat off kilter and quotes that sound vaguely familiar. Up, down and all around, So It Goes takes the listener on a musical journey of contemporary wanderlust.

"Manna Blues" is a funky tune that crosses borders, with wailing saxophone and a catchy rhythm played at double time. The song features the electric guitar of Jeff Miles, he plays against the sax of Gurvich with rapid runs in a hollowed out sound that is quite pleasing. Gurvich comes on strong in the second verse of the song, matching Miles note for note. The bridge brings in percussionist Marcelo Woloski who delivers an Afro-Cuban break to set up the finale.

The title track makes use of a beautiful melody, haunting, stirring and thought provoking. Played at a moderate tempo it has a bouncy feel to it with the rhythm section in firm control over direction. The saxophone winds out and produces tones of splendor all culminating in a bridge to a piano serenade by Guerrero that blends classical with modern, striking a perfect balance in Daniel Ori’s vision of contemporary jazz.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Daniel Ori
  • CD Title: So It Goes
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Art of Life Records
  • Tracks: On a Tin Floor, Susurrus, Usul, Manna Blues, Lean, So It Goes, Heal, Morning to Evening
  • Musicians: Daniel Ori (acoustic bass), Uri Gurvich (alto saxophone), Gabriel Guerrero (piano, Rhodes), Eric Doob (drums), Marcelo Woloski (percussions), Jeff Miles (guitar).
  • Rating: Four Stars
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