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Some Assembly Required by Rob Diener and Anomaly

Woolgatherer ways exist for horn lovers; Some Assembly Required has indeed assembled trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone and tenor on the fountainhead. Rob Diener and Anomaly present us also with two string instruments (guitar and electric bass), drums and so called "record scratching".

Diener and Anomaly is a criminally grooving band. Guitarist Marty Bonk composed six tracks and the cooking substance is really good stuff. "A Musical Salute to Iceland (Our Friends to the North)," fuse groovy rhythms that sound-reflect Miles’s textures. The gaps are brilliantly filled by Diener (trumpet), Chuck Dressler (trombone) and Chris Heslop’s (tenor sax) solos. Bonk blasts into a funky jazz guitar sound twined with a propensity for country style lines. "Pop-Bop" is a pinchy melodic line. Heslop provoke’s the trumpet and trombone into a sound cohesion while scratchy promenades are eventually introduced by Eric "Meeshu" Boltz .

"Bye Bye Blackbird", a piece arranged by Mike Grossmann and Marty Bonk, is saved by the assertion given by the horns. Open-like parading "Ode to Husqvarna", acquiesce ore and wood, colliding in a kind of Warne Marsh cool-bop manner. The bluesy "Scooter and Stretch" showcase loose horn spaces mixed with a touch of de-orchestrated Diener attacks and breakneck Gordon gaits. "From The Heart" displays a melodic line with relaxed trumpet tonal sonorities recalling very much a West Coast style. "Mikeys House" features a splendid Grossman keyboard solo. "The Three Brothers" (from a dysfunctional family), is functional marked by Diener’s finger-speed skill, sounding like a Marsalis with disdaining Dressler trombone sounds and caustic Heslop tenor.

Some Assembly Required sounds brisk, fresh and vivacious. Attributes that appear appropriated when delineating Rob Diener & Anomaly’s music.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rob Diener and Anomaly
  • CD Title: Some Assembly Required
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Self Published
  • Tracks: A Musical Salute to Iceland (Our Friends to the North), Pop-Bop, Bye-Bye Blackbird, Ode to Husqvarna, Scooter and Stretch, From the Heart, Mikeys House
  • Musicians: The three Brothers (From a Dysfunctional Family) '
  • Rating: Five Stars
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