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Sprawl Indigo by Rita diGhent

Rita diGhent has a new CD Sprawl Indigo it has many fine features, including the inimitable vocalizing of Ms. diGhent. Combining jazz sensibilities with hip, street beat rap and fine musicality. This is an album that faithfully describes the human condition in intimate and soulful detail through the use of great lyrics and music. There are eleven tracks on Sprawl Indigo, ten original tunes, and one Hendrix song "Angel". Ms. diGhent sings in a bluesy style, she has a pure, honest (believable) voice - whether singing, rapping or mixing in some combination of both, diGhent never looses her soulful delivery.

The liner notes indicate that Sprawl Indigo is dedicated to Mark Ghent, brother to Rita. Mark was a blues guitarist who was raised and based in Chicago, he passed away in 1999. Through the magic of technology we can hear some screaming Chicago blues guitar alla Mark Ghent, his playing weaves in and out of certain tunes. The song "Mark’s Utopia" by Rita diGhent and Ian de Souza is surely one of them. A chugging train of a drum rhythm with a banjo finger picking and a guitar wailing in the foreground. Screaming runs and fuzzy chords that burst into electrostatic energy and spray multi infused musical colours of the rainbow gently down from the heavens.

The song "There Ain’t No Tomorrow Like Today" by diGhent & de Souza features the Mark Ghent style of guitar playing. A soulful blues with Ms. diGhent singing in a tear your heart out, no time like the present style.

There are some jazz tunes, "Stygian Shore" a diGhent original that is a mix of beat poetry and jazz vocal phrasing. A very cool tune, reminds me of another genuine original, Rickie Lee Jones. And for the urban tales of the inner city, "Flim Flam Man" a look into the seedy side of city living with cons and predators looking to exploit youthful innocence. As diGhent puts it so aptly in her lyrics, "Goddam him. Goddam the flim flam man. He sifts through humanity dumped in urbanity."

On the cover of Sprawl Indigo just flanking Rita diGhent’s profile there is a title, More Tales of the Inner City. This is in reference to her first album on this same Sprawl theme. In 1999 she released Birth of the Sprawl to critical acclaim. This CD marked the birth of a jazz style of her own invention, Sprawl. Her lyrics dig deep into her life, and her views on inner city living. She mixes up her musical style to include all that is contemporary - she is very hip.

The new CD Sprawl Indigo is produced by Rita diGhent and Ian de Souza. Ian de Souza also plays bass, guitar and he does some programming on the album. This is a well produced CD with good sound quality and good musical support. An excellent contemporary jazz album that will not disappoint.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rita diGhent
  • CD Title: Sprawl Indigo
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Groove Records
  • Tracks: This Body, This Ain’t Livin’, Bohemia, Angel, L’incanto (The Spell), Stygian Shore, Mark’s Utopia, There Ain’t No Tomorrow Like Today, Big Shoes, Flim Flam Man, Mark’s New Dawn
  • Musicians: Rita di Ghent (vocals, keys), Ian de Souza, (bass, guitar, plastic toy guitar, programming) Mark Ghent (guitars), Rakesh Tewari (drums), Gord Webster (piano, Rhodes), Chris Chambers (electric guitar), Shawn Nyquist (tenor sax), Justin Abedin (guitar), Nick Ali (trumpet), Slingshot (trombone), Silvana Mazzolin (voice of the strengha)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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