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Standard Procedure by Dan Haerle

It was once said in the great jazz meca, that if you attended NTSU(North Texas State University) in Denton,TX. ,you would be the "utmost best","cream of the crop". But what if you are one of the finest teacher,instructor for some 25 years at this school? This is the great Dan Haerle,and he has released another excellent jazz CD, Standard Procedure.

For you "first time " jazz listeners or the "well defined" jazzers,this CD is for you. Haerle's trio , having top notch musicians, Bob Bowman, bass & Jack Mouse on drums, put this new exploration of jazz standards to the finest level of musical colors. Both Haerle and Bowman exchange wonderful solos to each other, while the master Mouse keeps a well defined backbeat to "put the icing on the cake".Again, for the first time jazz listener,that wants to learn about jazz standards,this is the best example I have ever heard. It contains a mixture of ballads and the best and most classic jazz standard tunes. Churchill/ Morey's song , Someday My Prince will Come and Thad Jones, A Child is Born are my favorites. Both very beautiful ballads ,with texture and display true emotions of the songs. This is perfect to listen on a quiet evening or Sunday morning. Listen to the melodies of these songs,then listen to each player, on how they add to form this artwork. Haerle's piano embellishments are quite unique. His solos are the master that he is. It is very hard to have a "full sounding trio" , but this wonderful trio makes the song not only come alive, but has the fullness of a larger band. The recording of this CD is crystal clear,production second to none. By the way, I attend NTSU with this great living legend. I had heard talk about him even when I first entered and it did not stop until I left. I give this CD a 4 out of 5 rating.

Again, a masterful expression of jazz the way it should be played! I am very proud and honored to review this CD.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dan Haerle
  • CD Title: Standard Procedure
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Blujazz
  • Musicians: Dan Haerle: piano, Bob Bowman: bass, Jack Moses: drums.
  • Rating: Four Stars
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