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Tamer ~ Unwanted Curtains by Tamer Tewfik Trio

Unwanted Curtains was Tamer's first CD, originally released in 1997. Though not yet re-released the appearance of my last review of Tamer's work reaffirmed my commitment to sharing this one.

As debuts go, Unwanted Curtains is a double-edged sword. Where many first efforts are obviously just that, raw, even the best often demonstrating more potential than is actually realized, the artistry demonstrated here is undeniable. While a treat for the listener, Tamer has set a very high standard against which his future efforts will be measured; a standard which when achieved so early often works as much against the artist as for him.

I have known great love, and wept openly as Tamer's How Deep Is the Ocean brought that knowledge back. (There are two versions of the song here, different and equally powerful.) The honesty of Tamer's delivery of the simple truth of I Could Write a Book is the definitive answer to a successful love affair (The world discovers as my book ends / How to make true lovers of friends -- start with a true friend).

There are five tracks on this album written by Tamer. If your taste runs light, there is Falling Leaves, a pop-like ballad. For the hard-core Jazz fan there is the instrumental Too White/Swamp Queen (co-written by trio members Jason Harris & Ian Ash). Walk Like a Chicken, Talk Like a Duck will bring a grin, regardless of your mood when you start to play it, and have you wondering what mischief inspired it. Unwanted Curtains (Tanya's Song) will leave you wondering as well: who is Tanya, how profound a love to have inspired such beauty, and why so sad? Although not the final track, Blues for Kahlil has a Happily Ever After feeling. As long as there are artists of this caliber honoring the classics and creating new work Jazz will live happily ever after.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tamer Tewfik Trio
  • CD Title: Tamer ~ Unwanted Curtains
  • Year Released: 1997
  • Record Label: Pacific St. Records
  • Tracks: A Train; Falling Leaves; Days of Wine and Roses; How Deep Is the Ocean; I Could Write a Book; Memories of Tomorrow; Walk Like a Chicken, Talk Like a Duck; Imagination; Someday My Prince Will Come; If I Only Had a Brain; Unwanted Curtains (Tanyas Song); Too White/Swamp Queen; Blues for Kahlil; How Deep Is the Ocean - Take 2'
  • Musicians: Tamer Tewfik (piano/vocals), Jason Harris (bass), Ian Ash (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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